6 Major Changes in Twitter’s New Design and Their Benefits To Your Business

Have you checked your Twitter profile lately? Twitter has released some major changes and features on its profile design, and it’s beaming with huge benefits for businesses!

After rolling out to select users, the new design is now available to everyone who wants a cleaner and bolder look for their profiles. Aside from the design improvements, Twitter also added features like “pinned post” and “bigger font size” which are perfect for businesses who want to improve their engagement.

Twitter's New Design

Without further ado, here are six major changes in the Twitter’s new design and how they can help boost a business’ marketing efforts:

1. Larger Cover Image (1500 x 1500 px)

If you think the old size (520 x 260 pixels) is too small and looks cluttered because it is placed behind your profile photo, fret no more! Twitter’s new header design asks users to upload a large-size photo, which will then be resized to 1500 pixels wide.

The change greatly resembles Facebook and Google+’s cover images, which makes the headers now a huge help to businesses in promoting their campaigns and/or incorporating their contact information to the top part of the page.

2. Larger Profile Photos, too. (400 x 400 px)

No, you don’t have to change your old profile photo with a size of 256 x 256 pixels because Twitter will automatically upgrade it for you. But if you’re the kind of person who wants a crisper and sharper photo with better quality, Twitter suggests you crop a huge photo down to 400 x 400 pixels.

3. Best Tweets

Tweets which have received more engagement – those which are retweeted, marked favorite, and replied to – will now appear larger and in bold font, so it stands out and will be easier to find.

The bold letters and huge font size easily gets the attention of your current and new followers who checks your profile to see the content you’re sharing. It also helps businesses gauge and collect data on what kind of content stirs more interaction, making it easier to tailor future tweets and increase engagement.

4. Pinned Tweets

Would you like to make sure that your tweet about the campaign you’re running or the cause you’re promoting does not get pushed down by the other tweets you’re sharing? Good news, mate… Twitter heard you!

Twitter has now included a feature that lets their users pin one most important to the top of their profile! Now, business can make sure that their followers get to see what they’re currently working on without having to pause their tweeting until the event ends.

5. Filtered Tweets

Have you ever wanted to get updates from a company’s Twitter profile only to find yourself scrolling endlessly through “tweets and replies”? Have you ever wondered how time-consuming can it be for the followers of your business to find your updates without having to read your exchange of conversation with another customer?

Well, if you ask Twitter today… they’d say it would only take a blink of an eye! With the added this new feature, followers can now browse a Twitter profile and filter their read by:

  • Tweets only
  • Tweets and replies
  • Tweets with photos and videos

6. Better Bio And Photos Location

Before the changes; your name, username, and bio appeared at the top of your profile and over your cover image, making it look very cluttered and hard to read.

Now, these information together with the photos uploaded are found on a left-hand side of the page, directly below the profile picture. It’s the perfect location to check when one wants to read a short background of your business and see your website link as well.

Undeniably, Twitter deserves all the praise they are getting today because of the new design. They tried to make their users’ experience, especially those handling a business profile, easier and more fun; and have succeeded big time! As stated in their blog post, the fresh design does give that “a whole new you” vibe we’ve always wanted!

Are you excited about these changes?Have you changed your header and profile image yet? Do you think this can help your business in terms of engagement? We really want to know! Let us know in the comments below.

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