The 5 Stages of Marketing Operations Maturity: Navigating Efficiency, Strategy, and Innovation

In the fast-paced world of marketing, achieving excellence in performance requires a structured approach to operations. We call this Marketing

What Is Marketing Operations & How Does It Create High Performing Teams?

In recent years organisations have been investing in DevOp’s maturity to increase the velocity of product or service delivery. Yet

Madness to Marvel – Unlocking Retail and eCommerce Success: The Power of a Strategic Marketing Operations Model

Picture this: You’re a marketing superhero battling overwhelming ideas, time constraints, siloed business units, and a team stuck in reactive

Incremental Performance – Doing Big Things With Small Budgets

This article originally appeared on Inside Small Business on November 2, 2022. Imagine you’re setting your marketing strategy for the

The Incrementally focused CMO – Tactics, Team, Tech. 3 signs you need a fractional CMO for your eComm scale-up & how to get started.

The future of in-house marketing teams. The purpose of the CMO is changing. It’s no longer about advertising and brand

The State of the Great Reshuffle: Five Ways It’s Impacting Small Businesses Today

This article originally appeared on Inside Small Business on October 5, 2022. You can read it here. 2021 saw the

Email Marketing

Re-Marketing For Beginners

If the word ‘Re-marketing’ sends shivers down your spine then you’re not alone. Poor ol’ remarketing has earned itself the

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Who is MI Academy?

We are for retailers investing in their teams. We expand capabilities and increase output! MI Academy is an award-winning team training and consultancy provider. We give retailers the confidence and capabilities needed to drive enhanced marketing performance, customer experience (CX), design thinking and organisational change.


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