Navigating the What, When, Where and How of Personalisation

It’s no secret that many companies rely heavily on consumer-generated data to inform many activities, from product development and strategic

8 Common Meta Ad Mistakes eCommerce Brands Should Avoid 

Are you an eCommerce brand looking to harness the power of Meta ads to boost your online presence and drive

Does SMS Marketing Work in 2024?

What if we told you we found the ultimate hack for you to reach open rates of 98% with your customer

Talking First Nations, Retail & Wittner Collab with Culture is Life, Apple Amping Up Privacy and Instagram’s Story Saviour: Our July Round-Up

Better late than never: Happy new financial year! We hope you have made some seriously inspiring resolutions for yourself/your business.

The Government Digital Platforms Inquiry Explained

Should we all be freaking out about the ACCC Platforms Inquiry? Are email and permission-based marketing about to change forever?

Why Marketing Analytics Matter Now More Than Ever

“I’ll care about my marketing analytics when I’ve got the time and budget.” Ahhh….bad idea buddy! Unsurprising (to us anyway), in

Who is MI Academy?

We are for retailers investing in their teams. We expand capabilities and increase output! MI Academy is an award-winning team training and consultancy provider. We give retailers the confidence and capabilities needed to drive enhanced marketing performance, customer experience (CX), design thinking and organisational change.


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