Snapchat Marketing Success – 4 Tips To Get You Started

Unless you’ve been hiding under your desk scared to come out and face the World you will have heard about this not so new little tool called Snapchat.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about using it, or you’re already using it (have an account) and want to take it more seriously for your marketing. The kids, they love it. Millennials make up 7 out of 10 Snappers. The adults… they love it too. In fact, had a 58-Year-old grandmother come up to me at a conference in Melbourne recently to tell me how much she loves Snapchat. It’s quick, painless & fun. We all like fun and Snapchats beauty is that it currently lacks the advertising “prowess” that Facebook has. With the Millennials being a big portion of Snapchats users, it is a good idea to keep your snaps PG-rated.

How to get started?
Like every social media platform, it’s bloody time consuming, and it’s at this point most people give up… Don’t! According to Bloomberg, Snapchat is closing in on a much larger rival Facebook with 7 billion mobile video views each day from its 100 million daily users (vs. Facebook’s 8 million views and 1.55 billion users).

You have a few options for doing posts
1. Do it yourself
2. Takeovers with your staff
3. Takeovers with fans/bloggers/influencers

To make sales from it takes time. The best in the game (Justin Beiber, Gary Vee) use this simple formula:

1. Make cool content people will wait for
2. Build a following
3. Sell stuff

Do not skip straight to step 3. It doesn’t work ever, on any platform.

Here are the 4 tips to get started with Snapchat success

1. Treat it the same, but different.
This isn’t the place to talk about your latest sale in a traditional sense, “Yay 50% off… Get in store now”  like you probably do on more regularly used social media platforms. But it is a place to stay on brand and consistent. This is a place to build trust, relationships, be fresh and creative with your marketing. Robyn Macy, social media specialist at frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles, uses Snapchat to go behind the scenes and tease new flavours, as well as send hand-drawn versions of famous cartoon characters eating dessert. Still talk about your products but be fun with it!


2. Avoid The Corporate Cat
This isn’t the platform to talk about your latest promotions straight of the ranks. Let your brand’s personality shine here. Use your efforts on Snapchat to tell a story about your business, products, staff, have a laugh. There is a food store in the US called Squeeze In that gives the Snapchat account over to the staff on the weekends and videos food prep, secret handshakes in the hallway and customer interactions. Imagine you’re speaking with your friends.

The key is not to overcomplicate each snap. Let each snap tell a small part of the story.


3. Peek-a-Boo!
Offer sneak peeks from behind the scenes. Take your camera into production areas. Maybe you’re launching a new product, service your customers will love. Gary Vee did an incredible job of this (as usual) for weeks leading up to his new book launch. Reduce their anticipation and release a quick 10-second sneak peek. Give them a taste and build the hype. Drop little gold nuggets along the way



4. Use a custom coupon code
16 handles did a neat promotion at new years called “Snappy New Years!” the promotion asked fans to snap a photo of themselves tasting yogurt at one of their stores to the official 16 Handles Snapchat account. Then, the official 16 Handles account would send a Snapchat back at some point in the future with a custom coupon to the store.

Bonus Tip: Finally, Always Be Postin’, be consistent with your posts! Post often, post creatively.


Why it’s working so well?
It’s non-invasive marketing; it’s helps brands become storytellers and genuinely connect with their audience. It shows a human side while we’re all busy sifting through constant sales messages, brands using Snapchat can show personality and build trust in quick bite-sized chunks throughout the day. It’s permission based. It’s friendly & exciting.


Rather watch this than read it? We’ve made it easy for you…

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