Retail Global 2017 – Sessions to Attend for Marketers, Business Owners and Start-Ups

Retail Global Are you coming along to this year’s Retail Global conference on the Gold Coast? It’s not too late to book tickets!

Ok, now we have all the boring promo stuff out of the way let me actually offer you something valuable. Are you looking at the huge list of speakers and workshops and have decided maybe it will be easier to stay in bed reading Buzzfeed articles for three days straight instead?

Don’t do that! Trust me knowing what Harry Potter character your personality matches won’t help your retail business one bit. Here’s my breakdown on the best workshops/speakers to attend to get the most out of the 2017 Retail Global conference.

Day 1:

I hope you have had a big night sleep/are already on your second cup of coffee for the day because the day one is going to require some serious brain power. Day one is perfect for getting immersed in the 6 intensive pre-conference workshops! There’s also some great keynotes planned for business owners specifically.

For Marketers

Workshop: Email Marketing MasterClass – Alita Harvey-Rodriguez (the best one of course 😉 There have been some mega changes in email i.e. better more affordable automation, tech, database updating, 2017 is the year of the marketer, you don’t want to miss this!)

Workshop: SEO Masterclass for Business Owners – Jim Stewart, Stewart Media

For Business Owners

4:10 – 4:40: ECommerce Delivery Trends And Buying Patterns: Who’s Shopping In The Suburbs, And How To Reach Them – Ben Franzi, StarTrack/AusPost (local marketing is so chic right now)

4:40 – 5:30: How Do You Grow And Stay In Love With Your Business? – Jane Kay, Birdsnest
Workshop: Ebay ‘Silver Bullet’ Masterclass – Tim Davis, Zellis
Workshop: Tips and Tricks to Accelerate Your Amazon Sales – Erica Heller, Marketplace Ignition (Remember Amazon is soon to be launched in Aus!)

For Start-Ups

Workshop: Getting Started and Growing Your Business on Amazon – Steven Scrive, Amazon Global Selling

Workshop: Build Your Ecommerce Marketing Funnel From Scratch – John Lawson, ColderIce

Day 2:

Day two is all about the stream sessions! Listen to advice from people who work for trailblazing brands in the industry and don’t forget to take heaps of notes!

Stream Session Times – A: 10:55-11:35am, B: 11:40-12:20pm, C: 12:25-1:05pm, D: 2:10-2:50pm & E: 2:55-3:35pm

For Marketers

Stream Session A: The Delivery Experience: Segmenting Consumers, Justin Williams

Stream Session B: Using Analytics and Insights to Accelerate Growth and Acquisition, Rose Yip

Stream Session C: Google Shopping: Unlock the True Power of Fast E-Commerce Growth, Jim Stewart

Stream Session D: Digital Marketing in the Trump Era, Steve Vallas and Brian Swichkow

Stream Session E: The Growth Hacker’s Guide to E-Commerce: Sideways Thinking 101, Brian Swichkow

For Business Owners

4:15-5: Disruptive Technology – Are You Future Proof? – Steve Sammartino, Sneaky Surf (LIVE SPEAKER)

Stream Session A: Retail’s Last Mile: Getting Ready For The Next Wave of Fulfillment Innovation, Jonathon Reeve

Stream Session B: Big Data Hacks For All Businesses, Britany Muller

Stream Session C: Human Innovation is the Key to Business Success, Mark LeBusque

Stream Session D: How To Grow Your eCommerce Business from $0 to $10 Million and Beyond in 5 Short/Long Years, Sam E. Cohen

Stream Session E: Manifesting Abundance, Lesley Mitchell

For Start-Ups

Stream Session A: How I Raised $5M For Car Next Door (Step-by-Step), Will Davies

Stream Session B: 3 Steps to Launch Your Business on Amazon, Steven Scrive

Stream Session C: From Garage to Greatness: The Story of Showpo, Jane Lu

Stream Session D: 7 Hacks to Grow Online on a Shoe String Budget, Dean Salakas (more money for smashed avo = bonus)

Stream Session E: Get Hooked: Tips & Tricks to Success for New Sellers, Paul Nieuwenhuys

Day 3:

As things wind to a close Day three saves the best for last serving up more awesome stream sessions. Keep an eye out for interactive panel reviews as these will be a godsend for retailers hoping to get more specific answers to their questions.

Stream Session Times – A: 11:15-11:55am, B: 12-12:40pm, C: 1:40-2:20pm, D: 2:25-3:05pm & E: 3:35-4:15pm

For Marketers

10-10:45AM –What Are They Really Buying When They Purchase From You? (Arena 1B), Victoria Beattie & Erin Henderson, The Beach People

Stream Session A: Reclaim Revenue – The Mobile Inbox and the Future of Email, presented by our very own Alita Harvey Rodriguez

Stream Session B: Top 17 Marketing Tools for 2017, Matt Davies

 Stream Session C: Google Analytics 101, Nathan Huppatz (because admit it, we all still need a little help with Google Analytics)

Stream Session D: Automation and Sales Tools To Help Your Sales Fly on eBay, Session in Meeting Room 5

Stream Session E: Website Usability Review Panel, Area 1B Ground Floor

For Business Owners

Stream Session A: eBay Store and Listing Review Panel, Interactive Session with Tim Davies, Monica Catalinic, Abbas Tharkar and Lisa Wong

Stream Session B: Media Buying Strategies for Online Retailers, Jim Banks  

Stream Session C: The Science of Innovation – Sustaining vs. Disrupting, Alita Harvey Rodriguez

Stream Session D: How To Use Chinese Government Approved Access to Chinese Consumers Without a Shanghai Office, Chris Morley

Stream Session E: Sessions still to be released, Keep an eye out! 

For Start-Ups

Stream Session A: How To Build a Million Dollar eBay Dropship Business Using Less Than $100, Neil Waterhouse

Stream Session B: Top 17 Marketing Tools for 2017, Matt Davies (Yes, this is a marketing session but very handy for start-ups who work as a one-person team)

Stream Session C: What You Need To Know Before You Spend A Cent On Marketing, Anita Williams

Stream Session D: Social Media Power Panel, Sarah Timmerman & Yvonne Adele (would recommend this for just about anybody!)

Stream Session E: More sessions still to be released!

All right I hope that was helpful! Now a little more information for those interested in Milk It Academy’s Workshop. Alita will be hosting a personalised Email Marketing Masterclass designed for all levels of email maturity.

What Our Workshop Includes: 

  • The Mobile Inbox: Understand how to you can use email across multiple revenue channels to increase leads/sales
  • Retail Personas: Go beyond demographic profiling at target shoppers at the right time/place
  • Tricks of the Trade: Learn what tricks are working for marketers in 2017 and which ones really aren’t
  • Automating the customer journey: plan out your customer journey from start to finish with help from Alita
  • Hack Your Email: Up your email game with some new tricks that will have you marketing like a pro in no time

Walk out of the workshop knowing the techniques and channels that will work best for your business, be willing and able to integrate email campaigns into your social platforms and feel confident that you can reinvent your email marketing strategy completely.

Our workshop has sold out every year at Retail Global so get in quick!!

Retail global

If you’ve made it this far through the blog than the expo will be a breeze for you. For a more in-depth summary and to book tickets visit Retail Global homepage here!

And as a little gift to our awesome readers use our discount code MilkIt17 to get $100 off your ticket!

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