Milk’s Top 10 Posts For 2014

This year… 2015, how do you plan on taking charge of the growth of your business?

Will you continue to wait until potential customers find out about you? Or are you going to put yourself out there, disrupt your market and do things differently?

As for Milk, we’re choosing to grow! We have so many big announcements to share very soon… and it’s all because instead of playing the waiting game; we’re taking charge and making more ‘success’, ‘sales’, ‘conversion’, among others happen.

Milk's Top 10

As we move forward to the exciting things to come, we take a final look at our year that’s been by presenting to you, our 10 top posts for 2014:

10. Facebook Stores: Why And How You Can Get Them

9. Have you been in Analysis Paralysis? 8 Sure Fire Ways to Overcome it

8. Crazy Egg – Best Heat Map Technology For Your Business

7. Help is Always There – How To Get Over Your Pride

6. Complete Guide To Setting Your Unique Service Proposition (USP)

5. The 4 Changes To Facebook’s Platform Policy & How This Affects Your Business

4. The Success Strategy – The Power of Aligning your Goals and Values

3. 14 Secrets To Being Happy

2. Facebook’s Most Valuable Tool. Intensive Guide To Insights

1. Milk it Digital’s 101 Blog Ideas Like No Other

These posts range from personal developments to easy to follow marketing strategies. We’ve gone way beyond than just offering a dozen or so tips… and published 101 blog ideas. It’s amazing how we brainstormed and created the ultimate list ever! No wonder these posts raked so many views and shares from our followers.

How about you? Which of the posts above is most helpful to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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