Beginner’s Guide to UTM Tracking

How do I track exact links from email campaigns, blogs, social, ad’s, website etc? This is a common pain point of marketers and business owners. Have no fear, we’re here to help… Because we rely on DATA and not guesswork this is very common practise for us and we’ve been using this method for years.

How do I do this?

Today, I’ll talk about one of the most valuable tools for any business when it comes to marketing… It’s called UTM Tracking and it’s a free tool from google. So let’s get to know Google’s UTM Tracking Tool!

So what is UTM and why is it effective?

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) helps you add “custom labels” to your marketing links. When users click those links, data about them is sent to your Google Analytics account under the custom section. This way, you can identify the campaigns that are most effective from clicks and also ROI (If you have conversion tracking setup of course).


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How to create your own UTM tracking URLs?

1. Go to Google Analytics URL Builder Link

2. Complete the steps found on the page:

UTM tracking


  • Campaign Source: Where will your campaign be promoted? (Ex: LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  • Campaign Medium: Include a more specific location. (Ex: Sidebar of your site, Facebook page, Photo Post in LinkedIn)
  • Campaign Term: Identify the paid keywords if there is any
  • Campaign Content: Used to differentiate ads. If you are creating different adverts for one campaign, you can use this to know which is which.
  • Campaign Name: Product name, promo code, or slogan. Ex: FathersDaySpecial

3. Copy the URL that was generated from the two steps and add it to the end of your campaign’s URL. / blog post.

For example: If you plan to share a blog post to your list through your email program, include the UTM code that you will get by doing the steps above. The completed link should look like this:


And that’s it! You’re done! After a few hours, you may start checking the result of your campaign by going to your Google Analytics Account.

Milk it Digital uses a lot of tools in studying data to be able to provide concrete business plans/solutions to our clients, and UTM is definitely one of the powerful tools we use! It’s easy to use and benefits us tremendously.

Do you find this guide useful? Do you want to start using UTM? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We love reading comments & suggestions.

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