Jo Harris Joins the MI Academy Team!

Leading the New Era of Customer Experience Enhancement.

We’re over the moon to announce Jo Harris has joined the team as a Senior Customer Experience (CX) Trainer at MI Academy.

A Little About Jo, Our New CX Superstar!

Named among Australia’s Top 50 People in ECommerce, Jo brings to the team 9+ years of experience working in the nitty-gritty of retail.

Jo started her award-winning eCommerce career co-founding homewares and styling brand, Hunting for George, with her sister Lucy. Over the years, Jo was pivotal in maintaining a 4.7 satisfaction star rating and a +72 NPS score 41 points above the retail industry average. 

Jo Harris, previously the Co-Founder & Operations Director for Hunting for George

She will draw on this firsthand experience in her new role as Senior Customer Experience Trainer and Expert Consultant with MI Academy.

First dipping her feet in, speaking at conferences and featuring in workshops, Jo is ready to pass-on her industry experience to Australia’s retailers. Alongside MI Academy’s Managing Director, Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, Jo will be pursuing her full potential in this role.  

“Alita Harvey-Rodriguez has been a thought leader heavily involved in the e-commerce space for over 10+ years I have always applauded her authenticity and drive to encourage those around her to achieve. Her unique approach brings her skills in marketing innovation and design thinking to help her clients maximise their team & platforms to achieve growth. All this is done with keeping the customer at the heart of all decisions.” 

Jo is driven by the challenge of utilising her skillset across a variety of businesses and industries.  

She hopes to bring to the team her skills in establishing and nurturing team culture and a customer-first mindset.  

“I have seen first-hand how great synergy in teams leads to great achievements. The team at MI Academy is no exception to this as it has a wealth of knowledge within and works together with the client’s goals in their sights. I hope to add my skills in creating positive team culture and customer experience to the mix. My experience in the online and offline retail space will offer insights to the MI Academy team and will assist me to understand & advocate for retailers.” 

Source: Hunting for Geroge

She is passionate about changing the ways businesses think, manage their teams and the experience they ultimately offer their customers.  

“I have always had an interest in relationships and what makes them succeed. There is always the opportunity to improve relationships around you and there are huge benefits in business in doing so. Shifting the way businesses think, how our teams operate and how we communicate with others are areas in which I feel passionate about and am keen to advise.” 

“The relationship between brands and their customers is one I am most excited to be involved in by pushing for constant improvements. It is essential CX is at the forefront of business strategy to encourage sustainable growth.” 

Hunting for George will continue to evolve, pursuing a new endeavour as a creative agency. This venture will be led by Jo’s sister and Hunting for George Co-Founder, Lucy, and MI Academy wish her the best of luck moving forward.

We wish Lucy the best of luck moving forward!
Source: SmartCompany

MI Academy is beyond excited to welcome Jo to the team and believe her hard-earned experience will prove invaluable when collaborating on future customer experience and innovation projects with retail clients. 

 “MI Academy will give me the ability to immerse myself into a variety of businesses. All businesses are unique and have their own story of how they got to where they are. I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to hear these stories and to be a part of these teams to help them realise their potential.”  

What’s Next for the Team?

Jo will be joining Alita, and the team at this year’s Online Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Sydney (July 24-25th). 

Both Alita and Jo will be speaking.

Jo is speaking on a panel on Day One of Online Retailer @ 3:35pm, How to Keep CX at the Heart of Our Strategy

Exciting things to come. Watch this space!

If you have any questions or are interested in working with Jo and the MI Academy team on a customer experience transformation project, reach out at

For media enquiries, please contact MI Academy’s Communications Coordinator, Erica at

Alita will be presenting the Retail Elevate Workshop and speaking in a session titled, The Secret to Developing Loyal Relationships in the Digital World

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