Instagram Launches Slideshows: 3 Tips For Brands

Have you ever got stuck choosing which photo to upload to Insta? Well, you can stop stressing! Instagram have launched a new feature that will allow you to upload up to 10 photos in an album. YAY!! And it isn’t just for indecisive people like me. This is great for brands!

So listen carefully my friends, here are my top 5 tips for brands to ace slideshows!

First of all let’s take a little look into the launch!

Copy of launches slideshows


  1. Pick a theme

Rather than throwing together a group of images that are completely unrelated and then trying out all your favourite filters, pick a theme and stick to it! In the video above all pictures are from the same party and a very minimal or no filter at all has been applied. If you were a women’s clothing retailer for example, you would pick one ‘look’ and show multiple outfits or you could pick just one item of clothing and style it a few different ways. Don’t try and do too much, keep it specific and stick to a theme!

2. Order of importance

Slideshows are like Tinder, not everyone is going to swipe right. You should always lead with your strongest image, the one that best represents the product or service you are wanting to showcase. The following images will tell the rest of the story – special features, different product sizes or colours and even demonstrating how the product would be worn or used.

3. Don’t Be Too ‘Salesy’

This one is a no-brainer! Whatever you do never be sales focussed on social media! Yes, more sales can be your end goal but social media is designed to help you build brand credibility, not push a sale. Trust me when I say nobody goes onto Instagram to have advertising shoved down their throat. When picking

When picking the perfect set of photos think about what else would feature in your followers newsfeeds. What are their friends posting? Photos of people interacting at parties or events, hanging out at the beach and just going out everyday activities will look right at home on Insta. Also, on the other end of the spectrum you have flat-lays which as also really popular.

Now you know everything you need to know to make a killer slideshow and have people swiping right all day!

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