Facebook’s Most Valuable Tool. Intensive Guide To Insights

When was the last time you checked your Facebook Insights? This tool is one of the most valuable Facebook marketing tools, yet one of the most under utilised. It’s a one-stop shop to knowing when your page audience are mostly online, what content they like, where they usually come from, among others.

However, despite the value Insights offer, a lot of people prefer not to use it because it doesn’t look very user-friendly. And this is why we took the time to make things simpler for you. Here is our complete and easy guide on how to maximise the advantages of Facebook Insights.

Q: Where do I locate Facebook Insights?

1. Go to your Facebook Page.

2. On the top-right part of your page, you will see ‘Insights’ after ‘Page’ and ‘Activity.’


Q: What are the features of Insights and how can it help my business?

1. Overview Tab


– Page Likes. This section features your total number of likes, percentage of growth in terms of likes on your page, and the number of new likes you have for the week. This can help you decide whether your marketing strategies are working or not.

– Post Reach. This section features your total reach and percentage of growth in terms of reach in your page. If you want to see if the images you have posted are valuable for your followers, see this section!

– Engagement. This section features the number of people who engaged in your page. According to Facebook, Engagement is the unique number of people who have liked, commented, shared, clicked on your posts.

This is very useful because, with this data, you can copy the concepts of the posts which worked best and see if it increases your engagement.

– Your 5 most recent posts. This section features your five posts, their type (link, photo, text, video), targeting, reach, engagement (organic and paid), and whether they are boosted or not.


Do you want to compare the engagement of your posts? You can check it through the page wall, but it’s easier doing so in this section.

– Pages to Watch. This section lets you compare the performance of your Page and posts with similar Pages on Facebook so you will see the growth of your competitors vs. you.


Are you concerned that your competitors are getting ahead of you? Or is there a company from your industry that you want to beat? You now get a glimpse of their marketing strategies by using this section.

2. Likes Tab

– Total Page Likes as of Today. This section features the total number of likes you currently have. It also has a graph which lets you check how many likes you have gained from that period.


There are also two dividers in the graph which when moved, provides the number of likes you got in that duration. If you want to compare the growth of your company in terms of ‘likes’ in Facebook, this is the section you want to check.

– Net likes. This section features your total number of likes from the inception of the page minus the number of unlikes in your page.


This data is extremely valuable because, through this, you can observe when someone ‘unliked’ your page and see what you were doing during that time.

– Where Your Page Likes Came From. This section features the source of your fans. It could be from Ads and Sponsored stories, Mobile, on your page, other page likes, and others.


Needless to say, this data can help you invest in the right place since you will know where your fans are mostly coming from.

3. Reach Tab

– Post Reach. This section features the number of people that saw your page, and whether the reach was organic or paid.

This is helpful because if see that your organic reach is doing pretty well, you can opt to stop boosting your posts and use your budget for other marketing strategies.

– Likes, Comments, and Shares. This section features a graph that lets you see the trend in your page for likes, comments, and shares.

Want to know if your content is valuable to your audience? Study this section.

– Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes. This section features a graph on the people who unliked your page, ‘hide’ your posts, or reported it as spam.


Best way to avoid getting ‘unlikers’ in the future is knowing what made them unlike in the first place. Now this is one way to know so check this section out!

– Total Reach. This section features the number of people who were served any activity from your page including posts, posts by other people, Page like ads, mentions and check-ins.


4. Visits Tab

– Page and Tab Visits. This section features the number of times each of your Page tabs (timeline, photos, info, likes) was viewed.


Especially if you have apps on your tabs, this section is very helpful. See if working on apps for tabs is converting for you, so you can set your marketing strategies better.

– External Referrers. This section features the number of times people came to your page from a website off of Facebook.


If you want to know if your website is also sending your visitors to your fan page, then this is the right place to check. If you’re not doing so well here, then you may have to consider whether or not your Facebook widget is in the most visible area on your website.

5. Posts Tab


– When your fans are online. This section shows you a graph of your page’s engagement level for the recent 1-week period. Perhaps this is the most important section in Insights. Even if you have great content, if you do not know when people are mostly online, then you won’t get a good rate at engagement. So use this section and see when it the best time to post. This section alone can completely change the game for you on Facebook.

– Post types. This section shows the success of different post types based on average reach and engagement. If you plan on experimenting on different kinds of posts, this will be a big help to you. See which among a photo, video, text, link, etc. works best for your audience!

– Top posts from the pages you watch. This section shows what kind of posts worked best for your competitors. Big companies borrow ideas all the time. When one is successful with this type of campaign, everyone else follows. This is why it is most important to see what kind of posts from your competitors are getting the most engagement. This way, you can study their concept and do better!

6. People Tab


– Your fans. This section gives you more specific information about your fans. The data you can get are the percentage of women and men from your page, what country and city they live in, and the language they speak. Remember when you got that email about gadgets which you know nothing about? Knowing your audience more will help you create content that will be interesting for your readers.

– People Reached. This section shows you the same factors as in ‘Your Fans’, but filters it only to the people who have seen your post. Which of your content gets seen? If you have this data, you can structure all your future posts, so they are seen more by your fans!

– People Engaged. This section shows you the same factors as in ‘Your Fans’, but filters it only to the people who have engaged (liked, commented, shared, clicked) on your post. Now that your fans have seen your posts, you want them to engage! And when they do, this section will tell you, so you know which kind of post works and which needs improvement!

Whether you’re a retail trying to sell a product, a consultant trying to persuade people to take advantage of your great service, or even just someone who has a cause that needs to be noticed, Insights is your best friend! Study it well with this guide so you never get confused again and you get very important data that is vital for your success!

How about you? Do you use Insights often? Which section is most important for you? Let us know in the comments below! Remember, sharing is caring. 🙂

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  1. Hi, i love you weekly tips, they are really concise & to the point, which is important as there is not enough time in the day to be waffling through a lot of useless stuff. I quickly glanced st your bit about FB insights & i use insights all the time its a valuable tool & the pages app makes it even easier as its your insights data app. I have a promotion merchandise company & am a graphic designer, is it ok to use your piece about getting the most from your graphic designer on my site? Its really great info. Keep up the amazing work guys, its awesome


  2. What a great article! Every time I tried to work out what the insights tab actually meant, I’d walk away even more confused. This article has cleared up alot of that confusion. Thanks Alita

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