7 Surefire Ways To Create The Best Facebook Descriptions Everytime

Have you ever put so much effort in a blog post that it took you more than a dozen revisions to get it done? You excitedly post the link to that post on your Facebook page hoping for link visits and comments… then, BOOM! No engagement from fans, whatsoever. Worst case scenario: not even a single ‘like’!

You might wonder… Why? Where did I go wrong? The post was humorous and educational – two vital elements for a great post. What did the post lack that it failed so bad?

Perhaps, your content is not the problem. Most likely, your Facebook post description is the culprit. Your Facebook post was so unappealing that your fans did not even bother to click the link and read the fruit of your hard work.

But don’t worry, from now on, you don’t have to suffer from this heartache again. Here are 7 of our best tips to create the best Facebook descriptions for your posts every time:

1. Make it personal.


Talk to your followers as if you’re having an afternoon convo with a friend. Unless your brand requires you to, there is no need to say “We would like to present to you our newest product” instead of “We have a new product, and you will totally love it, for sure!”. Keep it real and personal to create that connection with your fans!

2. Share an experience!

Have you seen some images being shared again and again on your news feed? I know you must have seen or even shared one! The common denominator of these viral images is obvious – they have an intriguing story to tell. And if this worked on parody accounts, there’s no reason it wouldn’t work for your business.

Every time you share a post on Facebook, include your own experience – the reason that made you decided to share the post in the first place. Was it something that happened personally to you? Did it make your day? Did your stomach hurt from laughing non-stop about it? Share an experience!

3. Memorable Quotes

It’s different for everyone, but usually, what makes a write-up memorable to someone are relatable thoughts / quotes. Include one or two of these well-thought quotes to win the hearts of your fans instantly.

Do you think those who are suffering from a broken heart will want to open a post link with this description on Facebook?

“‘We’ve all been there. We’ve been hurt with no one else to blame but ourselves. But it isn’t all tears and broken hearts, amidst these trying times is a loud expression of strength.’ Read more of this inspiring post here >> ”

Of course, they would! It’s a short preview of all the goodness you have prepared for them if they decide to give you a few minutes of their time.

4. Ask questions

The quickest way to start a conversation is to ask an intriguing question. When kept healthy, a debate about a certain topic could be your best asset in raising curiosity from your fans and making them what wonder what is your post all about.

One of the best ways to create engagement through questions is to follow the KISS method. Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. Try a Yay or Nay, This or That question.

5. Give a powerful commentary

Have you ever read a movie review post because the Facebook description contained a powerful commentary? The page owner has shared a short but sharp (and most often, bad) critic that made you curious as to why he came to his conclusions.

These strong opinions (note: it doesn’t have to be a negative comment all the time) are one of the reasons why your followers will want to read more. Don’t just keep them in your head, share it and see if anyone else is on your side!

6. Use Call to Action!

Sometimes, what your followers need is one more push to click that link and see what you have prepared for them. Don’t miss this opportunity to possibly gain a lead and a loyal follower. Use a Call to Action to guide your fans on what to click and where to go next. The biggest mistake small business marketers make is assuming people would know what to do… Think about your most computer illiterate friend, and write for them!

7. Up-Vote method

Speaking of a little more “push,” the up-vote method will make a huge difference in your post engagements. By simply adding one-liners like “#8 is my absolute fave!”, “The second tip helped me a lot.” , “Number 10 will shock you!” You will spark the curiosity in your fans and will let them know that you have read what you’re sharing and not sending them junk! It works like magic!

Facebook have changed a lot, and we’re all suffering from less organic reach day by day. But there are workaround that we can do to keep our fans engaged. With quality content and good Facebook descriptions, I’m sure we’ll can all keep our pages active and interesting.

Have you been using any of these tips? Are they making a difference in your engagement and link clicks? Or are these tips new to you? Let us know in the comments below! Remember sharing is caring 😉

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