How to convert your personal Pinterest profile to a business account to access analytics

Are you using Pinterest to promote your business but your Pinterest Profile is Personal? Pinterest is one of the major social networks today that helps drives traffic to websites. With more than 70 million users as of July last year, it’s no wonder why business owners see it as a great tool to acquire potential leads.

We all know ‘guessing’ too much of a risk, right? You can’t just risk spending too much time and effort on Pinterest Marketing just because someone says it’s good. Here in Milk it, we believe in hard data, no more guesswork. Thus, we searched for a way to check how much traffic we’re getting from Pinterest so we could examine what kind of posts are getting the most traction or if there is a need for us to change some strategies.

Fortunately, the solution it’s pretty simple. It’s free, it doesn’t change the Pinterest interface, and it doesn’t require you to start over – all you need to do is convert your personal Pinterest account to a business Pinterest account.  Here are seven easy easy steps to convert your personal profile to a business account to access analytics:

1. Log on to your Pinterest account via email or Facebook / Twitter connect.

12. Click the ‘Menu’ icon in the top left corner of your home page.


3. Click the word Businesses in the bottom navigation menu. You will then be redirected to a new screen called Pinterest for Businesses.


4. Click the red button named “Join as a business” if you want to start over, or click the words “Convert Now” under the red button if you want to retain the data / photos on your personal profile. You will then be redirected to the Business Profile form.


5. Fill up the form by choosing what type of business you have, typing in your profile information, and agreeing to the new Pinterest Agreement (which you must read first). After doing this, you will see a welcome page.


6. Important step: In order to use Pinterest Analytics, you must verify your website. You can do this by clicking verify website in the welcome page, downloading a file then uploading it to your website, or adding a meta tag to the <head> of your index.html file


7. Click ‘Complete Verification’


Voila! You’re done! Your Pinterest account is now a business account, equipped with tools such as analytics that will be of great help if you want to succeed in Pinterest Marketing.

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