Welcome to the Future: Google’s Performance Max Campaigns. Are they working and did it just get way cooler? 

Alright, folks, gather round! Let’s talk about something that’s shaking up the digital marketing scene in a way that’s as thrilling as binge-watching your favourite series with an unlimited supply of butter popcorn… That you don’t have to make yourself. 

Google’s Performance Max campaigns, do they work? And what’s the latest release for Pmax…? Well, if you’re using Pmax, she’s already a bit of a wizard in the ad world, our clients have had major success even with the simplest of campaigns. What I love about it is the ability for literally anyone, with no paid marketing skill acumen to have a crack and get some success.  
Naturally at MI we’re here to teach you all the bells and whistles, to enable you to thing strategically about how you optimise your Pmax performance which brings to the turbocharged release Google has just announces with some AI wizardry that’s about to make things a whole lot more easy and interesting. 

I mean sure there are the sceptics of Pmax, less control, less visibility and it’s annoying for the control freaks out there.  

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But I’m not here to talk about that… 

First, if you don’t know, what is Performance Max

Okay, so imagine you’ve got a magic boat that lets you sail across the vast ocean of Google’s ad inventory with minimal skills. Performance Max is that boat, and it’s designed to let you wave hello to audiences everywhere on the internet, from the tip of YouTube to the depths of Google Search. And the best part? Switching to this magical vessel could see your conversions jump by 18% without spending an extra penny. It’s like finding a treasure chest that keeps refilling itself. 
This is what our clients are seeing using Pmax Vs Manual campaigns right now. She’s a magical boat everyone should be riding…  

Meet Gemini: The Brainy Wizard Behind the Curtain 

Now, at the heart of this enchantment is a brainy gal named Gemini. This isn’t your garden-variety nerd. Gemini is Google’s AI model, schooled in the mystical arts of everything digital – think of it as having a PhD in Performance Marketing. This clever one can whip up ad magic across audio, images, video, code, and text. It’s like having your own personal Dumbledore, but for ads. 

The Magic Potion: What’s New and Shiny 

Google’s been busy in its lab, brewing up some updates that are as exciting as finding out there’s a sequel to your favourite movie, but less risky (Not every sequel can be as good as Back to the Future, but this might just be!). They’ve added AI-powered asset generation and image editing to Performance Max, rolling out the red carpet for these features across the globe in English. Image generation is making its grand entrance in the US come March, with a worldwide tour planned later in 2024. 
Why is AI asset generation important? Well, when we take in new students into our 12 Week Performance Marketing Accelerators, we have a module teaching about leavers you can pull to optimise performance in Pmax and it’s often assets that are left in the corner gathering cobwebs not helping anyone. 
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This is like being handed a magic wand that lets you create ad text and images with just a flick of a button. And for those moments when you’re feeling particularly creative, the new updates include the smarts for generating long headlines and sitelinks.  

Human Vs AI – A collaboration in control 

The best part, you have the ability to scale ad creative that’s already working for you, and harness the power of human & AI collaboration, because lord knows AI, she has her moments, not everything is perfect, so we need that control. 

With all this powerful magic at their fingertips, Google insists that you’re still the captain of the ship. You get to review, approve, or give the thumbs down to the images Gemini conjures up. It’s like being a judge on “AI’s Got Talent,” ensuring everything is up to your golden standard. 

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Why We’re Over the Moon About Gemini 

  • AI-powered asset generation and image editing are like having a genie that grants you unlimited wishes. Need a fresh batch of ad images or some snazzy headlines? Just ask. 
  • Dynamic lifestyle images generation is a game-changer. It’s like capturing the essence of a perfect day in a picture, except you don’t need to wait for the perfect day – you create it. 
  • Keeping creative control means you’re always the maestro, ensuring the final show is exactly how you envisioned it, on brand and looking schmick. 
  • Boosting Ad Strength with these new tools is like sprinkling your campaign with fairy dust, making sure you can work faster to experiment and optimise campaigns through better assets. 
  • Streamlining workflow with the ability to share ad previews via a link is as convenient as an office Zoom background when you’re on the beach.  

So there you have it – Google’s Performance Max campaigns have just been given a hefty dose of awesome to how assets and ads are created, making it easier than ever to create ads that not only look fantastic but reach further and perform better. It’s like the universe just handed us a map to a treasure trove of possibilities. 
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