Google Soon To Launch Customer Match and Similar Audiences

Google has given us two amazing reasons to boost our lead generation campaigns and love email marketing even more (if that’s even possible) – Customer Match and Similar Audiences. Customer Match enables advertisers to create Google Ads targeting email lists, while Similar Audiences allows advertisers to create a new audience who have similar interests the users found in the list uploaded.


Customer Match – Search, Gmail, and Youtube Ads Tailored To Your Email List

In the Google Adwords blog, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President, Ads and Commerce said that “Google is in a unique position to connect consumers with your business in the most relevant ways. Whether they’re searching on Google, checking promotions on Gmail, or watching videos on YouTube, we can deliver the most relevant information based on what they’re doing, wherever they are, when they’re looking, and on any device they’re using. Today, we’re building on these capabilities with new ads innovations to deliver even more relevance.”

Customer Match will allow advertisers to:
1. Upload their email list
2. Match emails to users who are currently signed in to the Google mail accounts
3. Tailor targeted campaign more efficiently.

Similar Audiences

Google will also allow advertisers to tap to new potential leads by generating ‘Similar Audiences’. This new feature will allow advertisers to create a new audience with similar interests to the ones found in your original list, thus, giving you higher chances of conversion.

For example, you can drive awareness on Google Search for your new promotion by creating campaigns tailored to a new list composed of prospective customers who have similar interests and characteristics to those in your email list.

“A Leap Forward”

Customer Match and Similar Audiences is highly anticipated because it is said to provide more powerful results when compared to behavioral settings.

George Michie, Chief Marketing Scientist for Merkle RKG, told Search Engine Land, that “Browser behavioral targeting is a pretty crude tool – better than nothing, certainly – but pretty crude. The ability to fold in real customer insight, understanding all the brand’s interactions with a person online and offline going as far back in history as you want is a gigantic leap forward.”

Whilst this type of targeting has been available on other advertising platforms like Facebook for sometime now, this is a MASSIVE step forward in targeting users with even more relevant content on the search engine giant.

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