Four Ways To Achieve Maximum Exposure On LinkedIn

If you didn’t already know, LinkedIn is one of the most crucial social media tools any business owner must utilise. In the piece I wrote about the perfect anatomy of a LinkedIn profile last week, I mentioned that the millions of members in the network are there for a common cause: to widen their professional network.

If you do not have a profile yet, make one and follow the tips I mentioned in my article.

Now if you’re done setting up, let me teach you how to fully maximize the network to your advantage. The steps are very easy but will surely get you to meet prospect clients and partners in the future.

1. Introduce yourself to your new connections


Like any other social networks, LinkedIn allows you to choose whom you want to be connected with. Remember, when growing your connections: quality over quantity. However, it should not stop there. You must introduce yourself to your new connections. A simple message explaining your appreciation in adding them, a brief preview of who you are and what you do is the best way to start a conversation. Invite new connections to your Facebook page too! This way you start to have a multichannel connection. Add me on LinkedIn and you will just how it works for us too!

2. Join groups related to your industry

Four Ways To Achieve Maximum Exposure On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has different groups formed by people in their respective fields. Whether it be engineering, journalism or marketing, there will be several groups for you to choose from. It is most important to join these groups to meet new people whom you can be partners with, or meet people who can direct you to things you might need in the future.

3. Answer questions from group members


If you have already joined a group, it is now time to show them what you’ve got. Watch out for new members who have curious minds and be ready when they throw a question, be the first to give a concise and compelling answer. This way, you will earn their trust, and they will likely contact your services if they need one.

4. Post interesting stories


Joining groups and sending messages to your new connections are not the only way to get noticed. To constantly remind your connections that you are updated with the latest trends when it comes to your field, always post articles / news / stories / tips / images on your feed. Those are great conversation starters, as well!

These four steps are basic yet very easy and are proven to be effective in meeting new clients and doing more projects with your current ones. Yes, it may take some of your time but believe me, it’s worth your while!

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