Five Easy Ways to Succeed in Instagram Marketing

Whether for personal reasons, a business, or a promotional ad; knowing how to succeed in Instagram Marketing is vital. With currently more than 130 million users, Instagram can easily bring you more leads, higher website traffic, and overall more customers; that is, if you know how to effectively use it.

Instagram is an online service that enables users to take photos or videos, customize them, and thereafter share with other people on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to Instagram, it is now also possible to share amazing memories with your friends and family real-time. However the best part about using Instagram is the fact that it provides an ideal marketing platform. The secret formula of Instagram Marketing can be simplified in 5 easy steps.

1. To Hash Tag or Not to Hash? You Always Have To Hash Tag!

Instagram Marketing
Famous Fashion Blogger Kryz Uy using the #OOTD hash tag.

The idea of Instagram Marketing is to get more likes and followers. To achieve this, you must know how to use Instagram hash tags. These tags are meant to help you get your photos and videos viewed by a greater audience.

It is advisable that you use popular tags like #OOTD (outfit of the day), #potd (photo of the day), #nofilter, #ff (follow Friday), #TBT (throwback Thursday) when applicable. Commonly searched for tags will enable more ‘Instagrammers’ to have more access to your photos.

Instagram only permits a maximum of 30 hash tags per photo. Quick tip: if you need more than 30 hashtags on your photo (though we highly recommend that you don’t overuse this feature), just leave them on the comment section.

2. It’s About Quality Not Quantity

Instagram Marketing
Instagram Famous / Photographer Mike Kus sharing his awesome works.

Your followers will always be keen on the type of photos that you post. High standards are expected of you as a business so make it a point to share only quality videos and photos at all times. While quality is important, the kind of photos you will be posting is also an important factor in Instagram Marketing. Remember to only share photos that is in line with the interests of your business AND your followers.

3. Take Advantage of Third Party Tools

Instagram MarketingTo have an easier experience posting images on your Instagram account, you may want to take advantage of third party applications. Third party applications like InstaStock (Stock instagram images), Nitrogram (Analytics for Instagram), Statigram (My fave instagram analytics tool), and Instagrab can make posting photos on your Instagram account more fun and exciting.

4. Engage with Your Fans

Instagram Marketing
Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars engaging with her fans by asking who will be watching the next episode of her show.

To get more followers and likes in Instagram, you must make your followers feel like they are more than just random people who like your photos – you must make them feel special. A good way of going the extra mile is to ask them questions instead of posting an unrelated caption, taking the time to view and answer to their comments, and to follow them back. This will prove that you are generally interested in them which will boost their response rate to your marketing advances.

5. Share the Love, Regram!

Instagram Marketing
NBATV sharing the love.

The final tip to savor great marketing results from Instagram is using the Regram app. Regram is by far the best app that allows reposting of Instagram photos. Make it a point though that you, 1) regram minimally and 2) only regram photos that is related to your business.

There you have it! Five easy steps on how to successfully market yourself in Instagram. Do not worry if you do not get a a lot of new followers or likes in an instant. Remember that it’s better to have 1000 quality followers who actually read and look at your posts, than getting twice the number who only scrolls down further.

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