Finding Your Brand Personality

For over 40 years, Marketers have been using sophisticated techniques to segment their customers into smart demographic & psychographic sets. This is so they could establish the best way to to attract their ideal client in making profitable sales. Before, it was really hard, but the data that is available in this day and age, it’s easier than ever! This is why setting your niche and projecting a strong Brand Personality is so important.

We’re in a very unique and exciting time in the world with more and more people taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Even established businesses feel the need to reinvent themselves to keep up with this fast moving digital world.

With hundreds, even thousands of competition, how does one reveal find his brand personality?

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What is a brand personality?

A brand personality is set of human characteristics that are connected to a brand name. It’s something people can relate to and feel comfortable with in order to exchange money/value.

Milks Brand Personality is as follows:

Sincere  Honest & Cheerful
Exciting Spirited & Daring
Competent Successful & reliable

Look back at Milks Facebook Page content, it makes sense yeah? Our Brand Personality is so strong in our language, content and service that our clients aren’t surprised when we go through this exercise with them in our workshops.

What does an effective brand personality mean for a business?

Look around at the brands you see as successful today, each one has a strong brand personality. The result of an effective brand personality for any business is an increase your brands equity by having a consistent set of brand personality traits.

What is a Brand Personality Trait?

There are five main types of brand personalities:

1. Excitement
Traits: carefree, spirited, youthful, playful, fun

brand personality
2. Sincerity
Traits: genuine, kind, family-oriented, thoughtful

Brand Personality
3. Ruggedness
Traits: rough, tough, outdoors, athletic

Brand Personality
4. Competence
Traits: successful, accomplished, influential, leader

Brand Personality
5. Sophistication
Traits elegant, prestigious, ambitious

Brand Personality

Whether you’re establishing or reinventing your Brand Personality, here are my tips:

– Be authentic, always.
– Set a tone in which you choose to communicate
– Never stop developing, let your brand grow with your market and evolving times
– Remember that you can ways re-invent
– Be congruent with your brand personality through everything including imagery and messages
– Your colours and fonts are important to your brand personality
– Your brand is not you. Yes, even if your brand is you, it’s still a brand. Remember this always, especially in this day and age, think if you’re taking things personally if someone trashes your brand, it is not a reflection of you (I know this can be tough sometimes, just take a deep breath) Respond appropriately, always. One silly response on the internet can ruin a 20 year reputation in minutes.

Perhaps why Warren Buffet says:

Brand PersonalityNeed help finding out what your exact Brand Personality? Click here and we’ll take you through a 1 hour Branding Strategy session & it’s on us! Be conscious of these every time you post, write, email, sell, create and develop.

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