Facebook Testing eBay-Like Feature Called “All Sales Group”

Is Facebook challenging eBay?

Facebook is giving us more reasons to stay in the network. First, they announced that it will now be easier for business owners, coaches, and bloggers to have their leads sign up to their email program without leaving the mobile app by using Leads Ads. Now, they’ve announced another useful feature called “All Sales Group”.

Earlier this year, Facebook has allowed users in “Buy and Sell” groups to add prices, locations, photos, and descriptions to their posts. This made it easier for group admins to regulate all posts and for users to sell their items in groups.

Now, Facebook is taking the tool to the next level through “All Sales Group”.

All Sales Group

According to The Next Web, “the new ‘all sales groups’ option shows items available for purchase across all groups a user belongs to, providing a unified overview of what’s for sale.” It also has a search bar, where you can basically search for products from all public groups, similar to what ones does when he / she searches for a product in eBay.

This product is still in the testing phase but will be rolled out Globally in a few weeks.

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