Facebook Stores: Why And How You Can Get Them

Is Facebook-Commerce effective? Can Facebook stores drive more sales to small businesses? What software is proven effective in creating efficient Facebook stores?

Building a successful retail business isn’t as easy as opening a store or having an online store… but there are plenty of ways to get more bang for your buck! And today, we’re going to discuss one of the most effective ways in doing so – Facebook eCommerce.

Incase you’re wondering how to get more sales from Facebook, I encourage you to look at Facebook Stores. Facebook allows you to create a store within your business page! When you set up a Facebook Store through a software provider, a dedicated “Store” tab in your page will appear where your users can directly purchase your product WITHOUT leaving the site.

Facebook makes it so easy now to convince your followers to see what you’ve got in store for them!

Facebook store

Why is Facebook store effective for a business?

Aside from the fact that your users will no longer need to leave the Facebook platform, there are more advantages as to why your business should have a Facebook store today. Here are the top reasons:

  • One more sales channel to add to your list. I say this a lot because it’s true: the more sales channels you have, the higher conversion you get! The rationale behind it is simple really… when your presence is seen in more places, you get more chances of meeting people who are interested in your business. It’s like opening another store front. So don’t settle with only one sales channel; have an e-commerce website, sell through eBay, do in store offers… and now… have a Facebook store! Go where technology brings you especially if risks are calculated.
  • You can build a sales medium while building your brand. It’s a constant goal for business owners to reach more people, the right people. And when you do you get your business in front of a wider audience and earn their “like”, you will have to work harder to make them visit your website/online store. But now, while you offer them valuable information or ideas through your daily updates & promotions, you can also promote your a store that’s within the platform they are in.

So what are the Facebook Software Platforms that allow you to build an in-app store?

Now that we’ve established the importance of Facebook stores, let’s get down to business! How do you build one? Below is a list of the Top 21 Most Trusted software platforms in Facebook:

These software are the cream of the crop because they are powering Facebook stores of both small and big business. Some of the stores they support have more than 20 Million Facebook Followers (yes, I’m taking about you, Lady Gaga.)

Facebook store

So get into the game and start building a Facebook store while you work hard to acquire more followers. It’s easy, cheap, and very effective. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Which of the following software are you most interested in? Are you planning to build a store soon? What advantages / increase in conversion have you seen from your store? Let us know in the comments below!

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