5 Must do’s for Kick-Arse Email Marketing


If you are doing email marketing the question is, are you enjoying the level of success? If you are fantastic! I hope this blog can help you gain some more success! You might also like to read my more advanced email blogs after this.

If you think it kind of works but want some basic quick wins, you’re reading the right blog! Here are 5 quick and easy ways to do something different in your emails that will boost 3 key metrics.

  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Conversions

1. Make Room for Mobile Readers

This will improve clicks and conversions: About 75% of people will delete non mobile friendly emails. Damn… thats high! Especially in this day and age where most, if not all people, own smartphones; almost 80% of the people now read their emails on their mobile phones. The flaw many businesses make is not considering mobile readers when scheduling their email marketing strategies. If your emails are not readable on mobile phones, you are losing 80% of the potential customers you target. Here are some free mobile friendly templates if you need an update.


2. “Dear Friend” Hello Delete Button

This will improve Opens, Clicks and Conversions: Your emails should address your target audience more personally. You can easily, address them using their respective names instead of using phrases like ‘Dear friend’ that appear more generic. BORING… Looks spammy too. Collecting a first name doesn’t mean you have to have a lengthy form to sign up. Just 1 field asking their name. Personalisation of a name is 1 easy basic  thing to do! Use it in subject lines (This can improve opens by up to 15%), when you address them & throughout your copy…

Campaign Master | Email Personalisation

3. Give The Right ‘Breathing Space’

This will improve Opens, Clicks and Conversions: One of the core mistakes that a good number of marketers make regarding email marketing is sending WAY too many emails OR not enough. While your emails need to be consistent, flooding people with emails can easily prompt them to unsubscribe from your list. Same thing can happen if you don’t send enough. I’ve seen people flood their database with up to three emails a day (seriously!) and see them send once a quarter… Talk about a snooze fest!

There are best practices for every industry; Retail Vs Services Vs Publications are all different and what works for one won’t work for the other. The magic number at the moment is 3 per month and no less than 2. Of course these rules change if you’re running an automated series. But if you’re not automating, aim for 2 to 3 a month, it’s the magic number for conversions and keeping your customers happy and engaged.

4. Know Your Target Audience – Segment baby!

This will improve Opens, Clicks and Conversions: Let’s get this clear, no matter how good you think your email content is, not all people will find your emails appealing. Segments can be super basic or complex. This will depend on your database and recorded behaviour.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 9.15.39 am

10 Best Ways To Segment Your Subscribers Click Here

5. Call to Action

This will improve Clicks and Conversions: Sometimes things seem idiot proof, you need to ask/prompt for the click. Surveys show that the more links to your site you place on emails the more likely your fans will visit your site. So ensure you have at least 3-4 links well spread on your emails.
If you’re in retail, make your Call To Action’s (CTA) buttons, text links work for service-based businesses.

For example, the email below has two call to actions above the fold and one below making the businessees intentions more than clear.

Really Good Emails | Gitkraken

Finally, always seek permission from potential clients before you start sending them emails. Over the years I’ve encountered many people who think they’ve struck gold when they have been given or bought a list. It’s a surefire way to ruin a reputation, decrease delivery into an inbox and burn a lot of cash and a whole bunch of other things… Trust is the language of the internet. Play your cards right and you’ll come out on top with an engaged and loyal following.

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