To Pop-up Or Not To Pop-up, That Is The Question

TO POP-UP or NOT TO POP-UP? Sure they are annoying and more power in the internet users hands are forcing marketers to think of alternatives to grow their list in a more relevant way. However, for now, they are still a very useful as an acquisition strategy. 


Opinions aside, let’s shed some light on how well pop-up works in 2015:

  • 70% of people say they get annoyed by irrelevant pop-up ads
  • One of the top reasons why people would block a site is annoying ads
  • There are 2,000+ threads in the eBay community dedicated to annoying pop-ups

At the same time…

  • Pop-ups can double your subscription rate
  • Our clients using pop-up’s have been able to grow their subscriber base by 430% in 30 days
  • Visual Website Optimizer increased sign-ups by 50% with a pop-up form on the site

Timing and relevance is key here people! Like I always say, you’ll never find the answer unless you start. Don’t let perfect get in the way of good. Just start, test and optimise! Pop-ups still work and there are many types. Find which one works for you.

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