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Why isn’t my website converting? If there’s one question about websites that get asked over and over, it would be this. You put a lot of effort into your site – you hire the best designers, include bright-colored calls to actions, review and revise your content to stay up-to-date. But still, why? Why is the main goal of getting more conversions failing?

Google analytics helps us understand our business more. It gives us loads of information like where our visitors came from (Facebook ads, LinkedIn, newsletters, etc.), how many there are, what their age is, the channel they’ve come from, among many other tracking features which we can use to optimise the performance of our business.

However, even with a lot of studying and reviewing of data from Google Analytics you won’t be able to fully determine what keeps visitors from converting. If only there was an easier way?

Enter ‘Crazy Egg’. Crazy Egg is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) tool, built to make analytic tasks for a website easier. For Milk, we think it’s the best heat map technology available in the market today! Here are some of the features of Crazy Egg that might interest you:


Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s Heat Map Tool lets you see the elements that people click most on your website. With this tool, you can identify which items on your site make your visitors stay and read more, as well as those that make them leave your site. Pretty amazing, huh?!


Crazy Egg

The main function of the Scroll Map Tool is to identify how far down your visitors are scrolling. With this information, business owners can strategically put the Call To Action’s and ad’s in a location that interests the visitors. If you position your sign up form on the bottom of the post, Crazy Egg can check if visitors gets to that point of your site or leaves before seeing your form. This feature alone can help you to re prioritise your content to increase your conversions.


Crazy Egg

This tool gives you an approximate number of clicks for each element on your page for a period. Overlay makes it easier to pinpoint which Call To Action buttons work best and which need replacing.


Crazy Egg

Like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg can also distinguish where your traffic came from, and what elements those visitors clicked on. So you’ll know what type of content to send to those who came from your email program, and what kind of content your Facebook fans love!

By simply adding a code to your site, Crazy Egg can check all your website pages, including https pages, iframes, and flash objects; and do the functions mentioned above. They offer a 30-day free Trial on their website. If you are interested, click here >>

As a disclaimer, we’d like to make it clear that we are not, in any way, working with Crazy Egg for this review. We just love it, it’s our part of our cheat sheet to Conversion Success.

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Has this review helped you? Will you take a look at the services offered by Crazy Egg? Do you have other softwares in mind which you’d like us to review? Let us know in the comments below!

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