Complete Guide To Setting Your Unique Service Proposition (USP)

In a world where it’s faster to get competition for your business than to gain customers, how can you stand out? Answer: Have a Unique Selling Proposition ( USP ).

The foundation for your USP must come from a real understanding of your customer. In our Digital Business Development Coaching & Training programs we work through the process with our clients to make sure that before a USP is developed, there’s a strong understanding of the target market. Here is a couple of ways we suggest you develop that understanding…


Not to be confused with a company’s tagline or key messages, your USP is a unique and compelling offer that will convert your leads into paying customers. It is a fundamental piece of any marketing plan, for it answers the question: “Why you and not someone else?” USP sets you apart from the rest of your competitors, so you become the first choice of your customers.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a USP. I remember asking an attendee of a seminar I spoke on and asked, “What is your business’ USP?” She told me she had none because no one really told or asked her about it. So I said, tell me, what makes your service or product special above the rest? WHY you?


A lot of businesses start their marketing campaign without a USP, so I decided to create this post. I will highlight the different kinds of USPs that will fit the needs of your business, so you’ll can create your own.

Things to know before giving you the guidelines:
1. Your USP is more than your slogan
2. Think like your customer
3. Learn what motivates your customers
4. Understand the real reasons your customers come to you instead of your competition

Here’s the guidelines:
– Keep it short – a phrase, not a sentence
– Keep it relevant
– Highlight the positive impact you make for your clients
– Give it impact and emotion
– Avoid defining your business as a commodity
– Focus on emotional gratification. The result or benefit – not the work or features your offer
– Explain the problem you solve
– Make it consistent with the general perception of your business and what you have learned of your customer’s gratification mode and purchase preferences
– Why you?

Write it all down, cut back, and refine.

Now it’s your turn, have a crack at your USP and share it with us by commenting below, why? Because sharing is caring.

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