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Milk It Academy Community Notice Board

Are you a good person working for a good business doing great things? We want to hear from you!

We are very fortunate to work in an industry that lives by the mantra, ‘sharing is caring’. Our inboxes are constantly full of resources, events, job opportunities and other golden nuggets of wisdom. Quite frankly, it would be rude not to share!

This has got us thinking…how can we return the favour and open up this treasure trove of knowledge to the wider community?

The answer? We’ve decided to stop harbouring all this knowledge in our inboxes and start sharing it with you through our Milk It Academy Community Noticeboard!


A digital ‘community noticeboard’ where we share upcoming events, webinars, conferences and open job positions, with our audience of retailers, business owners, service providers and marketing professionals.


It feels like every second day that we are being reached out to by partners and friends in the industry who are looking to hire talented new staff, share their events or promote webinars and who are we to keep all the good-stuff to ourselves?!

We want to give back to businesses like yours who take the time to support others and share value. Plus, we are constantly teaching the importance of collaboration in business, so it’s only fair that we practise what we preach!


It would be counter-productive to make this a difficult process, so of course it’s as easy as pie!

Just email us the link to your open job position, event or online webinar at along with any relevant details. We’ll add it to our community noticeboard and promote it through our social channels.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out (we only bite if you’re cheese)!

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