Changes to Facebook’s Layout and What It Means For You

Facebook redesigning its user interface is nothing new to us. We have seen it a lot of times – just when we were already used to the social media giant’s look, they suddenly change it. But this time it’s different, they are not only changing the look on our personal accounts; they are also doing some tweaks specifically for business pages.

The new look of Facebook pages and personal accounts is designed to be simple and bold.

“These changes are visual updates and do not affect how we surface content to people, nor do they change how stories are ranked in News Feed. Though, in the new design, all images are larger; both organic stories and ads will be the same size – similar to the way images appear on mobile.” Facebook said.

Personal Profiles

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What’s Changed?

Like what Facebook mentioned, there aren’t many changes to the interface of our personal accounts. The aim of Facebook is to lessen the clutter in our news feeds, and to make the desktop interface look similar with the mobile mode.  With that in mind, they have made the photos wider (full width), used a new font, and placed a darker background.

What Stays The Same?

Everything else. The way Facebook presents the posts are still the same. The new design did not, in any way, affect the algorithm to which posts we see. If you’re wondering where the “sorting” to recent and top posts are, you just have to click the arrow down on the menu item on the left sidebar that says “News Feed”.

Facebook Pages


What’s Changed?

Streamlined Posts & Left-Column Quick Page Info Panel

Notice anything different? I would be shocked if you don’t see the changes! From the cluttered form of the pages, the look is now similar to our personal profiles. Posts are seen on the right sidebar, while the left column shows a brief information about your business which includes but is not limited to your office hours, contact information and website. On the lower part of the left column are your photos, videos, notes, and posts by your followers.

Apps are also found on the left-side bar, but are also visible at the top navigation menu. Page administrators will soon have the capacity to arrange in which order the apps appear, similar to the function we once had with the ancient Facebook “boxes.”

Easy Access To Admin Tools & Messages

The new orientation also makes it easier for page administrators to access admin tools. Information about ads running or posts “boosted” as well as notifications and messages are seen on the right side of the cover photo, while the navigation for the page insights, notifications, and settings are visible on the top left of the cover photo.

Useful “Pages To Watch” Tool

851593_1396403973963236_401469829_nPerhaps the biggest benefit business owners can get from this redesign is the added capability Facebook has now: Pages to Watch. With this, you can add your competitor’s page and compare how your page is doing against theirs. Warning: your competitor will get a notification that his page is added on a list, but fortunately, will not know which page added them.

Sometimes, we cringe at changes because it does not go with our everyday routine. While changes can be challenging, it does mean it isn’t helpful. Honestly, I’m happy with the recent changes in Facebook’s interface, especially with added perks for business pages. I believe that they have made it easier for page administrators and business owners to manage and make the most out of their page. Great job, Facebook! Love your work.

Okay so tell me, what do you think of the changes? Was this article helpful? If you have any other questions about new layout comment below and let us know.

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