CASE STUDY: Pet Supplies Retailer Achieves 53% Increase in Email Revenue Automation

We often say that email automation is the digital equivalent of a robo-vac…

Bear with me…

Basically, you set it up, switch it on, and off it goes zipping around picking up all the crumbs…even the ones under your couch, ‘Damn how did it get so dirty under there!?’

In this situation, the ‘crumbs’ are your lost leads. The people who are eager to receive content from you, need answers or are desperately looking for a reason to convert. 

Don’t leave them unattended until you next ‘big clean’, it’s time to switch on your robo-vac….eh enough about cleaning, onto the case study!

You’re the cute lab puppy. Email automation is the poor robot doing all of the hard work!

In this case study, the clients ‘crumbs’ were the dormant customers in their email database. Keep reading to see how we woke up the sleepers and converted BIG TIME!

The Client

The client is a global pet supplies retailer with several successful brands under their umbrella. Their core promise is to deliver top quality products, sales support and services backed by professionals.

They’re not a ‘small business’ by any measure, however, they run a lean, mean marketing machine across several brands which really doubled down on their need for efficient, low-cost marketing automation.

Marketing and Business Challenges

The company’s previous success with email saw a downward turn during the new brand acquisition. They found that buyer personas lost relevancy and their automation strategies were not sophisticated enough.

There was a desperate need for a more strategic approach to email automation!

The Process

In our initial analysis we found that since the acquisition, customers were receiving very little if any personalisation. Standard campaigns were being sent out to everyone, with no consideration given to where customers were in their unique customer journey.

The team hypothesised what could be causing the downward slope in conversions and came to the conclusion that a greater level or personlisation was needed to deliver more targetted marketing messages.

From here we developing a plan, investigating over 50 segments to find which would be the most profitable to design automation for.

We narrowed it down to two specific segments:

  1. Average order value (AOV) of $50
  2. A one-time purchaser with an average order value (AOV) of $100

With these segments in mind, we did some work refining the client’s buyer personas.

We ran a manual test of both campaigns and after seeing positive results, the decision was made to automate.


At the end of our testing period, the team decided to automate both campaigns, leading to a 53% increase in year-on-year email revenue that can be attributed to the success of this campaign, plus our ongoing strategic work.

Transaction rates (excl. one brand) were up by 35% and the client continues to see conversion rates as high as 9.2%, making email their best performing channel.

Implementing Email Automation

In a survey of marketing professionals, the following were the most common barriers to implementing a consistent and successful automation strategy.

Now I’m sure you can relate to one or two of the above. We’ve certainly heard them reinforced by our clients!

Truth is, all of these barriers are easy to overcome. It just requires slowing down to speed up, identifying your goals and being clear on what and where you need to automate.

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