Business the Stage Spectacular! An Uncanny Insight Into Dance And Running A Business.

Something I’ve learnt over the past few years in my business is the importance of the right people in the right place for the best outcome. The reason for my title is related to when I was training as a professional dancer. I’ve been dancing since I could walk and have performed in some great shows, musicals and video clips with really talented artists. Something I learnt as a student and most importantly as a choreographer was three things that I carry with me in my business.Dance

1. Teamwork

Just like any team sport, working as a team is essential to winning anything. If one person is out of place, the whole thing can be thrown off.

In business, this can be a team member that you may have to put out fires with consistently. This can be a major time drinker; it may just be that this person isn’t in the right place in your team or simply isn’t right for your business.


2. Harmony

If a dance troop or a team don’t perform in harmony, you’re going to have problems.

I remember once, while getting ready for a show, I noticed I had a girl who was falling behind. She was wasting the time of other more prepared dancers who were dedicated to their art. She was pulling everyone back and distracting the team from achieving harmony that is essential to a great show.

This can happen in your team too. Just one person can be distracting you or your team from moving forward. Something I had to do was evaluate her vitality to the routine and make a decision to keep her, move or remove her.

If you’re finding your team to be without teamwork and harmony, you might need to make some time to evaluate your needs and their vitality to a task. Are they the only person in the world who can do the task or can someone be trained to do it? (This line of questions can also help you let go of tasks you can delegate).

Now for the third thing…


3. Right people in the right places

Just like a good coach, a dance choreographer knows how to put the right people in the right places to play to their strengths for an incredible final result.

Business is just the same. I was able to achieve massive growth in my business because I followed some great advice. Have people play to their strengths and acknowledge your vulnerability. Know what yours and your teams strengths and delegate for growth.

Make sure you understand people’s behaviours and personalities to make strategic personnel decisions in your business. The right people in the right places will make for a happy team with achieves outcomes and helps you to grow your business by working as a team and in perfect harmony.

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