The Anatomy Of A Perfect & Effective LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is not as widely used as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest; but there’s one reason we should all get involved in it: it makes it easier for like-minded people to be connected and when done properly can drive you an abundance of leads. In this article I’m only going to talk about the basics to get you started on the road to LinkedIn  lead gen success.

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Like the above mentioned networking sites, LinkedIn has millions of members. What sets it apart from the others though is that it is not an avenue for “selfies”, food photos, and other statuses that do not benefit your business. LinkedIn has over 225 million users who are there for one common goal: to extend their “professional network” for collaboration, qualified leads and sales.

Now if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, stop reading and go create one NOW! Then come back here and let me teach you how to create a presentable LinkedIn profile:

linkedin11. Choose a professional but appealing photo.

When someone searches your profile, the first thing that they will get to see is your photo. Bikinis/Mankinis and party photos are a no-no in LinkedIn (Sounds like a no brainer right? I’ve seen some doozies out there). Always choose an appropriate image for a professional profile.

2. Use a catchy heading!

Your heading must get the attention of the person viewing your profile. It must summarise your strengths and must be interesting enough for them to read on and see what you specialise about. I’ve even tested strong CTA’s in headings like “Contact Me For 3 Ways To Optimise Your Website” This also works really well for a lead hook. Just test what works for you.

3. Network = Net-worth – Add connections

As the old saying goes “Quality over Quantity”, whilst this is very true I always say on LinkedIn to approach your new connections with an open mind. Don’t be fussy about who you add, you never know who they know and how they could help you either now or in your future endeavours. If you do find that you get harassed (which is rare) You can simply delete the perp and viola, problem solved.  Something that will set you apart and help you build a strong network is thanking people with a quick message for a new connection whether you invite them or not. Always reach out.

4. Create an impressive summary.

As your heading, your summary must be catchy and impressive. It must reflect your brand and company vision. These summaries do not have to sound like a cover letter. In fact, you can play with words to make it fun but remember to maintain a professional tone.

experience5. Be proud of your experiences!

Your experiences are your weapons to compete with the rest of the people with the same profession as you. You should flaunt what you have achieved but remember to stay honest. Bogus experiences will backfire and will not do you any good in the future.

endorse6. How to get others to “endorse” you.

Endorsing is like getting a recommendation from your bosses. Encourage your colleagues and former workmates to endorse the skills you are best at. These endorsements will assure your future clients that many have already seen your work. Also, make sure they do not only give you a plus sign on your skills, but a few sentences of how you have impacted their professional lives, as well. The best way to get endorsements is to give them! So get giving and in time you will receive, but be genuine when giving the endorsements, don’t just do it because you have to. My favourite endorsement on my profile is “Awesomeness” whilst this is almost a completely useless endorsement, it’s nice to know.

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