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Our CX Superstar Nat was lucky enough to attend Adobe’s The Digital Experience symposium this year and she’s got a thing or two to share with you. So without further ado here’s Nat with all the latest industry advice on optimising customer experience.

 Attending the Adobe symposium was a fantastic experience – and I use the word experience because it awakened all my senses. From world-leading keynote speakers, sensational products, live demos, delicious food, pinball machines, meditation teepees, VR games and fantastic music that would’ve put even the best nightclubs to shame.

Listening to everyone speak about EXPERIENCE and its place in our ever-changing world was refreshing, educational and set the tone for the day. Every speaker from Brad Rencher VP of Digital Experience for Adobe,  Shantanu Narayen Chairman President and CEO of Adobe, Ronni Kahn CEO of Ozharvest, David Godsman Chief Digital Officer from Coca-cola and Mark Teperson Chief Digital Officer from Accent Group shared their opinion, key tips and how to make EXPERIENCE your focus for 2018.

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to numbers and statistics so I thought that’s what I’d share first!

Making experience your business is good for business because:

1.6 X = brand awareness

1.5 X = employee satisfaction

1.9 X = average order value

1.7 X = customer retention

1.9 X = return on ad spend

1.6 X = customer satisfaction stats

1.6 X = customer lifetime value

36% = faster revenue  growth rates

If those stats aren’t enough to make you realise its to time focus on your customer’s experience, then I don’t know what will

 Here are my key takeaways from the conference:

  • Make every moment personal and every interaction shoppable. Customers want a sensory experience is sensory – to see, touch and feel and taste, and you can only do this in stores. Stores need to deliver an awesome experience that awakes their customer’s senses.
  • Find the insight, make it happen. We need to be constantly thinking about new ways to serve our customers; ship from store, same day delivery or in-store pickup. Going the extra mile for your customer really makes the difference!
  •  Stores still play an important and pivotal part in customer experience. A customer’s journey can take them from online to instore and back again. You need to sync each part of the journey seamlessly.
  • The future of experience is content – Content is well and truly the ruling king!
  • Data is the next domineering currency. Use data to drive content and develop creative solutions that will create a lasting experience for your customer’s. Test, learn and deliver changes.
  • Experience-driven businesses are seeing an increase in loyalty, sales, awareness, reviews, customer growth, average order value and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Operate your business with the subscription mindset. How can you make your customers come back every time?
  • Be sure to speak to your customer in their voice which leaves a lasting impression. Now more than ever, people are sharing their experience online through reviews, survey’s, social and this will impact how others engage with your brand both online and instore.
  • Deliver first-class design. Always design for optimal user experience – everything, from your website homepage to your transactional emails needs to be designed with the user’s goal in mind. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many sales tactics, marketing strategies or customer service perks you offer, if your CX isn’t of primary importance in everything you do, I hate to break it to you but you’re doing something wrong!

It is the fundamental truth is the people buy experience, not products so it’s important to create a common language internally about CX.

It’s time to stop marketing for the sake of marketing and selling using outdated sales techniques. You need to really start focusing on how you can evolve your CX, and you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help!

Consumers will always champion CX so it’s time we do the same! We offer customised CX training, in the form of one-day workshops or ongoing. If it sounds like something your business could benefit from send us an email and we can organise a time with one of our CX experts to work through your greatest challenges and develop a strategy for the future!

If you’re interested in watching any of the keynotes from the Adobe Symposium you can do so here! 

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