80 Ways To Boost Your Sales – Promotion Ideas (Part 1)


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Promotion Ideas

Host a contest. When you want to promote a product or your business in general, one of the quickest ways to gain an audience is through a contest. For your criteria, my tip would be to give each customer a raffle entry every time they purchase a certain amount from you.

Have a 24-hour sale. Everyone love savings. Thus, they enjoy sales! However, you can’t be “on sale” forever… So, to encourage your customers to purchase from you right away, announce that you’re having a sale and give a time period. Best results are seen for 24-hour sale events!

Have a limited items sale. Similar to a 24-hour sale, but is only applicable to a number of items. For example, you can offer a sale price to the first 50 customers who will purchase a certain item. The sale can go on for more than 24 hours, or it could be done within an hour or less.

Host a giveaway. Not to be confused with a contest, a giveaway is an event where you give your produce as a prize to those who qualify your requirements. They don’t necessarily need to purchase from you, they can be old or potential customers. The goal here is to gain the loyalty of your followers so they remember you whenever they plan to make a purchase.

Give out loyalty cards/use loyalty apps. Make someone’s day by giving out loyalty cards/apps. Your customers want to feel valued, especially if they’ve been a long-time fan of your business. The best way to make them feel special is to give out loyalty cards, with certain prizes, points, and coupons!

Offer discounts when they hit a certain purchase amount. This works hand-in-hand with loyalty promotions… When you do some online shopping, what keeps me engaged and wanting to purchase is making sure that I hit a certain amount so I qualify for a coupon or a discount. So try this out and see if your average purchase per person increases.

Offer discounts to frequent shoppers. Like loyal what I mentioned above, loyal customers want to feel special. Thus, discounts are a good idea. This is different in a way from loyalty cards, because the idea is to give them higher discounts compared to the new customers. For example, when your loyal customer purchases your new product, she gets 15%, while new ones only get 5%. Think, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE.

Offer discounts for targeted groups. Have you noticed that some of your customers only buy when specific items are on sale? That’s because each business has at least two to three sets of ideal customers. Offer discounts for targeted groups when you want certain items to go out of your building.

Give perks to new customers. Want to find a way to encourage competitors’ customers to purchase from you instead? Give them the incentive they want. A simple 10% discount would bring you a lot of customers for sure.

Give perks to loyal customers. Convincing your customers to continue patronising your product isn’t going to be easy. But guess what, perks (plus good products and customer service) always does the trick!

Give perks to returning customers. There are a lot of reasons your customers would leave you – bad experience, lower prices from competitors, among others. So how do you convince them to give your business another try? Show them that you care through referral perks.

Offer coupons/incentives during holidays. Do you plan to do something extra special this holidays? You should! Holidays (especially Christmas) is business’ favorite time of the year because this is when usually sales go as high as the sky! Don’t get left out and offer some coupons/incentives.

Offer year-round coupons/incentives. But you don’t have to wait for a holiday to give back to your customers. Offer year-round coupons/incentives and make them feel that they made the right choice in choosing you over your competitors.

Offer new customer discounts when they sign up to your newsletter. Encourage your customer to sign up to your email program by offering a discount which they can use for their first purchase. This increases your email marketing list and gets you a sale too!

Offer guarantees. Guarantees work! Whenever someone plans to make a purchase from you, especially when done online, they need a certain guarantee to make sure that they are getting what you promised them. Take their second thoughts away by giving a top quality guarantee or a money-back guarantee.

Sell replacement parts. Don’t make it hard for your customers to find replacement parts. If they purchase something from you, be ready to help them when something goes wrong, especially when they are important parts of your product. Hello post purchase promotion!

Create easy-return policies. You can’t please everyone, but you don’t need bad publicity either. Save yourself from furious and emotion-driven reviews by making sure that you make it easy for your customers to return their purchase when they aren’t guaranteed.

Always upsell. There’s a reason why the McDonalds cashier asks if you want fries with your hamburger, or why there’s a can of candies near the cashier. Upselling is a good way to promote your other products and make your customers purchase more!

Create bundles. Have you ever tried selling your products as a bundle? When the price of your products is less as a bundle than when purchased separately, you get more sales.

Give freebies when they a number of bundles. Want even MORE sales? Give incentives and freebies when they purchase a number of bundles.

Give free trials. They won’t believe you unless they try it, so offer free trials of your services. It could be a free read of the first chapter of your book, or a free session if you offer coaching services. Show them what you’ve got by giving them the best experience during the trial!

Offer free shipping. Everybody loves free shipping! In fact, this doesn’t need to be explained. I’d choose any store with free shipping over others that do not anytime.

Accept trade-ins. Want to capture the hearts of your competition’s customers? Offer them a brand new product when they surrender the old ones they have. It’s your best chance to show off and make them believe that your products are way better than the others.

Offer easy payment plans. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford your products. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in what you offer. So make them a deal and offer easy payment plans. Some of your options are installment plans, layaway, and credit card payments.

It’s always a dream come true for every business owner when they see their sales and profits skyrocketing! With the tips above, you will definitely get a boost with your profit! Remember though, that with every action you do, first consult your data and only make calculated risks!

Which of the tips will you apply first? Let me know your favorite one too! And stay tuned for 20 more ground-breaking tips next week! They’re about advertising ideas that cost less but will give you a lot of reward! Till then! 🙂

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