8 Google Marketing tools every Business needs to know about!

Google is a beast; there is no doubt about that! With businesses having to rely on a strong marketing strategy to stand out and drive leads and sales, it’s important you use the Google marketing tools you can to stay one step ahead of the pack.

Below are 8 incredible Google Marketing Tools Google available for free:

1. Google Tags

Google-TagsWe’ve all heard of Google places. If you haven’t set yourself up with Google Maps… stop reading and go do it now. If you’ve already got yourself a Google Map, think about having a play with Google Tabs.


Google Tags is one of Google Marketing Tools that places a little tag/symbol next to your listing and makes it easier for new customers to find you on Google Maps with a yellow tag that emphasizes specific information, such as a coupon, video, menu, reservations, photos, or a custom advertising message.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to get a whole load of valuable data right at your fingertips! This data allows you to get smart with your seasonal targeting and can help to drive better decisions around optimizing your Ad words, blog creation etc.

3. Google URL builder

Wouldn’t you love to know which of your website traffic sources is returning the highest dollar value? This free tool is great for segmenting traffic in Google Analytics by tagging URLs with campaign variables.

Use this tool to understand which campaigns, sources, and mediums provide the most valuable traffic so that you know where to best invest your next dollar!

4. Google Webmaster Tools

This awesome tool provides detailed reports on how Google is crawling and indexing your website and is essential for anyone looking to improve their websites’ performance.

Google Webmasters Tools

You’ll get valuable insight to things like:

* Site Configuration – This section checks your website settings on the web, including site links, URL parameters, change of address, and users who have access.

* Site Health – This section includes crawl errors, stats, blocked URLs, and Malware alerts.

* Site Traffic – This section includes search queries including a comprehensive look at your back link profile, internal links, and +1 reports.

* Site Optimization – This section includes your site maps, HTML improvement suggestions, content keywords, and other resources.

5. GoMo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should be well aware that we’re living in a mobile age. Your customers are on their mobiles everyday and almost 70% of them say they won’t come back to a website that isn’t mobile optimized. This is where GoMo steps in! GoMo makes the transition to the mobile era easy.


This great tool will make copy of your website which is fully optimized. The best part is this product is free for the first year!

6. Google Alerts

I love this tool because whether you want to keep an eye on topics you want to write about, competitors news, business tips or social content you can set up Google alerts to have this information delivered right to your inbox.

7. Google Think Insights

This tool is totally awesome for entrepreneurs or industry professional. You’ll find an abundance of resources here with everything from case studies to tips on how to grow your business. Sign up for the Insights newsletter, you’ll love what you find here!

8. Google forms

This one tool alone can catalyst any small business into success, imagine you want to test if your product is salable without investing in a website, you can direct prospects to a Google form to fill out.

google-formsOr what about if you need an easy booking form but because you’re a start-up you can’t afford a smart form to be built into your website? Google forms can help your solve a plethora of problems for small businesses and get you selling your products now with no investment!

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