6 Secrets To Improve Blog Readership

Search Engine Optimisation is always evolving. After Google updated algorithms Panda and Hummingbird, it has become even harder to get organic visits to a website. This is why blog readership has become a major challenge for businessmen and bloggers alike.

But this shouldn’t stop anyone from investing on a blog. Blogging is the best way to provide value to your followers. With content that aims to inform, educate, or entertain, your blogs will surely help you build your brand, connect with your customers, and pose yourself as an expert in your field.

With that said, here are 6 secrets to improving blog readership:

1. Answer questions related to your business in forums or groups.


This type of technique takes time, but provides great value when done efficiently and regularly. When you join a forum or a Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or Pinterest group, there would always be a lot of opportunities to present yourself as an expert in your field. Answer questions carefully and let them know that they can contact you for further information. This is a great way to get leads and meet new people who you are interested in your products or services.

2. Quality over quantity.

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You’ve probably read this more than a dozen times already, but the fact remains that a few articles of quality content is better than hundreds of half-baked articles. What you write is what drives people to believe in you, not the number of posts you made in a week. Make it relevant and most importantly make sure your blogging content is inline with your organic search strategy.

3. Be creative.


Have you seen those blog posts with images of stick-like people? Do they keep you engaged? I’m sure that they don’t! These kind of images come off as boring, and are a complete waste of space. Use your creativity by posting your own photos or creating your own text-filled images. There are a lot of photo editing tools / websites which you can utilize to create an image that reflects you – bright & inspiring!

4. Send an update to your email list!


Unless you’re blog is one of the most popular in your niche, people are most likely to forget visiting you regularly. This is when you would need a kick-ass email marketing program. Send a short message to your list informing them that you have a new blog, and give them a sneak peak to the loads of helpful information you have prepared for them.

5. Try something new.


Trying something unconventional is a bit risky. But you wouldn’t really know if it works for your audience unless you try it! Think of unique ideas and blog topics, or see the other side of the coin in current controversies in your industry and write about it. When everyone is providing the same information, people would surely swarm over fresh content like yours.

6. Do a guest post!

blog redearship

This is probably the oldest but still one of the most effective tricks in gaining high blog readership. Request to write for a popular blog by providing them with appealing and original content ideas. When allowed, guest posting will give you the chance to be known by a huge following and hopefully grow your own as well.

Blogging – sure it can be challenging, but it’s worth it. Some things will surely change again in the world of content creation, but the tricks above will remain helpful no matter what.

Which of the following tips have you been doing lately? Which of these are you going to implement in your posts? Let me know by commenting below, after you have shared this to anyone who may need it!

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