5 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

When one talks about Social Media Marketing, Facebook will on top of the list. But knowing where to post is just half of the solution. To make your Facebook marketing successful, you must know how to increase engagement in your posts.

A few years back, encouraging people to see and interact with your posts is very easy. But now, it has become more challenging because Facebook is limiting organic reach to only about 1-20% of your total fanbase.

However, we have a few secrets to keep the conversation and engagement going in Facebook! We want to share them to you today in five easy ways!

1. Make it short, concise, and visual

engagementPhotos are a huge help to Facebook fan pages! When our fans do not have the time to read a long article, they transfer their attention to photos expecting that they depict the whole story. Thus, it is very important to post attractive photos and short descriptions.

Even text posts should be short and concise. If a follower has to click on “Read More” to get the gist of your thought, then you are not being very effective and straight to the point. Result: less engagement.

2. Keep it fresh

engagementWhen you decide to share some current events news /  quotes, it’s best to keep them fresh! Do not share news that aren’t timely, unless, you’re sharing features. Example: updates on Google that made people do link building last year will not be very engaging nor useful today because they do no work anymore.

You can also perk things up by sharing posts that are perfect for special occasions / holidays. Did you notice how we changed our logo on Facebook last Easter Sunday? A Moo Cow with Bunny Ears, we’re cool like that.

3. Create fun activities


Have you ever heard of the “caption this” game? Caption this game is done by posting a photo and having your fans decide how they want to caption it. It is fun because your followers get to write really interesting things and have a friendly competition with each other, plus it works wonders for your page’s reach. There are a lot of other games you can do within your Facebook page like “name this”, “choose between the two”, “riddle me this”, etc. Basically, you want them to comment as much as possible.

4. Know when to post and do it in moderation

You must study the time when your posts gets the most engagement – that is the perfect time to do a game or share some news (This information can be found in the “insights” section of your Facebook Page). While different observations show that it’ best to post on Tues, Wed, and Thurs during weekdays and weekends, it might be a different case for your brand. Also do not forget to post in moderation, creating a post after post may annoy your followers and will cause them to unlike your page. We do not want any unlikers!

5. Be a fan

engagementBefore you even post anything, think like fan. Would you enjoy reading the news you are about to share? Would you comment on the quote you will post? Make sure that your posts have a personal touch. Also make sure to respond to comments, questions, and suggestions posted by your fans. A fan will continue to check your page when they know they are appreciated.

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