5 Ways to Ace Pinterest Markerting

There are many reasons why every business should invest some of their time on Pinterest. One of the best reasons is their huge audience – having more than 70 million users. In fact; even with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined, Pinterest can still drive more referral traffic.

Pinterest is best when you are selling physical products, or promoting services. Images are easily repinned, which makes it easier for you to get the web presence that you need. However, the tricky part in succeeding in Pinterest marketing is getting your photos noticed. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in! Today, we present to you five easy ways to ace your Pinterest marketing!

1. Post Original, Vertical Photos


Yes, you read it right. Don’t just post any photo, post vertical ones (original photos preferred). Since Pinterest has a vertical orientation, photos posted on them should be too. The horizontal ones are okay, but vertical photos appear bigger, thus, gets noticed faster.

2. Edit your photo: Add Text, Watermark, & Filter


Between two photos, the first being more vibrant and has bold texts; it is likely that the first be pinned more often. We all love beautiful photos; that’s why we tend to share those that attract us more. Editing your photos will not take too much of your time, nor will it be costly! You can also add watermarks to your photos (do this only when it’s your own) so it does not get lost even when it’s already repinned many times. Go to online editing sites which offer these, there is a lot!

3. Include rich keywords on your description


Image descriptions on Pinterest are up to 500 characters. This is perfect for those who wish to include a small blurb as to how or where the photo was taken. Do not forget to include keywords to make sure your photo appears on searches within the site.

By the way, if your site’s images has a “pin this” button, make sure that your alt+tags are keyword based, because IMG_12589 is less likely to appear on any searches than “Tips on Pinterest Marketing”.

PS. Try to pin my image now! 🙂

4. Join Board Groups


Board groups are like communities in Google plus; when you join one that is similar to your niche; you will get repinned and noticed more. It’s also great to see what others offer, that way you stay updated with what’s trending and do not get left behind.

5. Post often!

Consistency is the key! If you post only when you have a new article to share, what fun is that? Your followers follow your boards because they believe that you have something interesting to share always – not once a month! So include a few minutes in your daily routine to post some interesting stuff. This will also help you gain more followers since you will have much presence in the community.


Credits: Photo #1: My Clever Agency

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