Control Freak? 5 Tips For Effective Task Delegation

Are you having problems with task delegation in your business? Are you the kind of leader who fears that nothing will be done correctly if tasks are done without your presence? If you are, then you are missing out on something really important! Letting go of non essential tasks is the fastest way to free up your time and focus on the things that matter… Your business growth.

Task delegation is vital in all businesses. Why? Because it increases the growth in employees, takes less times for tasks to finish, and enhances employer-employee relationship. However, all these is only possible if tasks delegation is done effectively.

Here are five tips on task delegation which you can do to make sure that you’ll get the best out of your talent pool:


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If you think no one can do the job right if you are not around, why did you hire them in the first place? You must trust your employees because they are also experts of their own.

  • Set expectations of results. Guide them and provide clear and concise instructions.
  • Let your employees put their own spin on their job. You might be surprised at what they can do.
  • Perfection may seem like a worthy goal but it’s often in the eyes of the beholder. All you can expect is someone’s best effort. Everyone has their own best way of doing things. Encourage that and you’ll encourage personal greatness in your employees.


5 Tips To Make Tasks Delegation EffectiveIt’s best to keep an open mind, no matter how much of an expert you might be in the core element of your business. Be humble enough to realize that someone may be better than you at something. And if they are, never think that they are overpowering you. Take your ego out of it. Let yourself to be wowed by someone else’s ingenuity and talent. Allow yourself to appreciate alternative ways of doing things instead of criticizing them. You might just learn a new, better way!


5 Tips To Make Tasks Delegation EffectiveFocus your time and energy on the most efficient and effective way to grow your business, while listening to others’ opinion too. It’s so much more interesting to work with your team rather than spending your valuable time dictating how they should do their jobs. Let them have fun finding the most efficient and effective ways to do their tasks and never forget to acknowledge them when the credit is due!


5 Tips To Make Tasks Delegation EffectiveMake use of your talent even more by doing things that will make you happy. Your work doesn’t have to be boring if you won’t let it! Seek out innovative approaches you wouldn’t normally think of that will make your business more successful. Never trap yourself in a cage. challenge yourself to learn and enjoy your current tasks so you’ll be an expert at more things.


5 Tips To Make Tasks Delegation Effective Lao Tzu said, “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” And Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” Leadership means setting expectations and making sure you and your team are on the same page emotionally (all committed to the same goal). This lets you lead them without overshadowing their talents and abilities. Be the leader they will aspire to be like in the future!

Think about all of the extra time and energy you will have when you let go of your need to micromanage every aspect of your business, or even certain employees. Relinquishing control is incredibly liberating and rewarding! It may be stressful for you in the beginning because it’s new, but if you let go, you will be free to focus on the fun aspects of your business and enjoy the reasons you started it in the first place.

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