5 Easy Steps To Increase Facebook Campaign Conversion

One thing I like about doing campaigns with Facebook is that I can quickly create and filter my audience so all my campaigns are worth the buck. But I know a good audience isn’t enough. With hundreds (or even thousands) of people doing the same thing, a good audience will not increase my Facebook campaign conversion.

My aim for my clients is to reach more people, to stand out among competitors, and to make as much sales as possible. For this to happen, I know I have to think outside the box and create a guide on how to increase Facebook campaign conversions.

Step 1: Know the problem and foresee future struggles.

Perhaps the biggest mistake most businesses make is they only think of ‘now’. When customers look for something, this means that they have a problem. More often then not, your product is not the only one that can solve the issue. So, to stand out, you must ask yourself this:

[Tweet ““How can I solve the current AND future problems of my customers through my product?””]

If you have already the answer to this question, then you’re already a step ahead of your competitors. Now what you need is…

Step 2: Create a headline that earns emotional connection.

Do you know how much time you have to spark the curiosity of a Facebook user so they click your link? 1 SECOND. Yes, no more than a second. If you have a very unappealing headline, users can just scroll through your ad without having second thoughts of clicking or reading your content. When that happens, you’re campaign would have already failed, no matter how great your offer is.

Let’s have an example:


Between the two, Headline B would most probably get more conversions, even it offers just as much discount as Headline A. Why? Because it speaks to customers. It is written in a way customers can relate and gives an emotional connection! With these qualities, users are most likely to click on your ad and buy!

Step 3: Create a SIMPLE landing page.

Be it a store or a single email capture page, the key to creating the best landing page is to make it simple enough for your customers. They have to know what you need from them, and how they can provide it to you.

Your landing pages must contact the following.

  • Your Identity. Your customers must know that they have not clicked a spam link and is now on a legit page. You must be able to clearly introduce yourself in a few sentences, or by making your logo visible.
  • Value you can provide them. Do you have new stock? Are you having a sale? Or would you like to give a FREE eBook? Your landing page must show this in order to convince your customer to give out #3.
  • What you need from them. Are you asking for an email? Or do you want your customers to sign up to an email program? Be very bold with this.

Step 4: Create a STRONG call to action.

You might ask, what are calls to action for when you have already laid all the benefits? CTAs are the “push” your customers need to actually make that sale. It’s your chance to make that pitch and convince them that you are providing something valuable.


Button 1: Sign up now.
Button 2: Start your FREE 30-day trial now. (CTA)


Needless to say, the 2nd button will get more sign ups because it’s not just asking your prospect customers to sign up, it is reminding them that they can get the trial for FREE today.

Step 5: Do an A/B Test!

This is the most important step in the process – to test, test, test! Although you think your landing page is now looking it’s best, there is nothing more efficient than actually testing it – seeing which of two headlines, CTAs, or text body works best. Split testing is offered in most landing page websites. By doing this, you eliminate guesswork and mistakes.

Facebook is indeed a huge help to businesses who wants to let their customers know of their new offers. By spending a small amount the conversion will double, if not more. But this is only possible when the campaign is done right.

Do you find this guide helpful? Are you going to use this method in increasing your Facebook conversion? Let us know through the comments below.

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