5 Easy Rules To Successful Facebook Engagement

We cannot deny it. Facebook, no matter how much we dislike it, is vital for every business. It is an avenue where small and new businesses / companies can interact and gain new customers. It is also the fastest way to check how people would respond to your strategies and other plans.

But, succeeding in Facebook Marketing is not as easy as just posting random stuff on your page. You see, people ‘like’ your page because they feel connected to whatever services you offer. Now if you keep on posting things that do not relate to your industry, what do you think would your followers feel?

Here are 5 simple tips to succeed in Facebook Marketing:

1. Post Relevant Articles / Photos


Like what I said, people would like to see posts that are connected to your services. Thus, make sure to keep your posts relevant, and keep the other interesting but unrelated posts to your personal profile.

2. Post New Content

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To add to the first tip, your content must be new, fresh and relevant. If you keep on posting outdated tips and articles, most likely, your fans will not engage. This is because they have read your tip somewhere else, or are just bored to see the same stuff over and over.

3. Interact with your fans.


When I say interact with your fans, I did not mean just say “thank you all for liking my posts.” Honestly, when I see comments like these from page administrators, I immediately click on ‘unlike’ it’s tacky and average. We don’t do average. You have to do more for your fans; thus, you must talk to them individually, most especially if they have concerns / questions. Give them the attention they deserve.

4. Track your stats and validate your strategies


What’s great about Facebook is you can check on how well your strategies are by checking their ‘insights’. See which post / topic is most embraced by your fans and post similar items and refrain from posting those which did not do very well.

5. Have fun

5 Easy Rules To Successful Facebook Engagement

Nothing is more boring than a very bland page! While staying on-topic and posting only relevant items is a must, it doesn’t have to be boring. Post quotes which relate to your clients, if you must. Find amusing topics that your fans can learn from; surely, there is something you can do to make your page an enjoyable one!

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