4 Genius Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

Performing in front of a small, or non-existent crowd, the norm in 2020…but it shouldn’t be on Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Picasso of posting, or the Charles Dickens of captions if there are no eyeballs on your masterpiece, what’s the point?

Now we’re not saying you need thousands on your list. And we are certainly not saying you should go out and buy some bots to buff up your numbers. What we are saying is, to see success with your Instagram marketing, you need an engaged list. Now enough preaching! Here’s how to grow that list. 

In this blog you will learn: 

  • 4 genius ways to grow your Instagram following 
  • Bonus: How to feature on the explore page 

Before I jump into our strategies, I want to put one big NO-NO out there. Whatever you do, no matter how desperate you are…DO NOT BUY BOT ACCOUNTS Why? It’s cheating. And not even smart cheating!! 

Crying men GIF saying "WHY"

Our reaction when we hear someone has purchased bot accounts!

Instagram isn’t dumb. They have whole algorithms dedicated to finding and culling these bot accounts. So, unless you want to lose half your following overnight, it’s not worth the wasted money. Trust us!

It’s also just bad for business. You cannot buy a highly-engaged, high-converting customer base—yeah sure you can bump the number up a little, but it’s not sustainable. So why bother? Ok, rant over! 

Strategy #1 Just Ask  

When all else fails, actually scrap that, before all else fails, how about asking? 

Men is in shock or surprised

‘Do you mean it could really be that easy?’

Groundbreaking. Yeah, we know! 

Whether it be through email, social, in-store or at the checkout if you think you have something of interest to offer, utilise your current channels and ask! 

‘Do you mean it could be that easy?’

How to ‘just ask’: 

  • Over email – If they’re subscribed to you on one channel, they’ll likely follow you on another. Send an email dedicated to the awesome content you’re sharing on the gram. 
  • Delivery postcards – Ask for a review AND a cheeky follow. Two birds with one stone! 

Strategy #2 Deliver an Instagram-Only Offer 

If you’ve already earned a following on other platforms, it’s time to entice them over to Instagram. We call this dangling the carrot  

Shop at Instagram

Spruce an upcoming sale or offer over email, social, print and advertising. The catch? It’s an Instagram-exclusive offer! 

Earn the follower and a sale! Bingo! 

Strategy #3 Include Your Social Tags…Everywhere! 

Your email footer, on your website, at checkout, a bumper sticker on the back of your car, we’re talking EVERYWHERE! 

If you want your audience to follow ANY of your social accounts, don’t send them on a treasure hunt to find them. 

Great example! Aussie retailer Showpo lists their impressive social following in their website header.

Aussie retailer Showpo website page

Great example! Aussie retailer Showpo lists their impressive social following in their website header.

Plus, they have links to all their platforms in the footer!

Links on the footer

Plus, they have links to all of their platforms in the footer!

Strategy #4 Run a Kick-Ass Insta Collaboration

If you’re on Instagram I’m sure you’re no stranger to the odd competition. Jokes. They’re everywhere! And there are two ends to the spectrum. 

On one end, the big names such as the Kardashians, Bec Judd, and Nadia Bartel flogging $10,000+ luxury giveaways where brands will pay to take part (on top of donating product). 

Through to smaller giveaways put-together by local superstars. As long as it’s a fair exchange for a follow there is no perfect prize value. Focus on offering value. 

 How do they work? 

  1. Round up a group of like-minded businesses
  2. Put together a bundle of products 
  3. Take one or two high-quality photos 
  4. Ensure you comply with current promotional guidelines. [Read this blog] 
  5. Write a caption that includes all the involved brands @’s 
  6. Make it a condition of entry to like, tag a friend and, most importantly, follow all the accounts involved 
  7. Coordinate a time to launch and post to all accounts! 
Instagram Collaboration Competitions

Instagram collaboration competitions are as simple as that!

Voilà you’ve earned yourself some followers and a newfound business relationship. Check out this blog: How to Run a Kick-Ass Instagram Promotion

Instagram collaboration competitions are as simple as that!

BONUS: How to Feature on the Explore Page

In the world of Instagram, snagging a spot on the Explore Page is like a free billboard on the Tullamarine. It’s kinda a big deal! 

This is the only way to get your Instagram content in front of a stranger’s eyeballs. Your chance at 15 minutes of Instagram fame. And the good news is, spots on the explore page aren’t paid, they are earned! It will take a bit of time and effort, BUT, it’s not impossible. How do you do it? Use effective Hashtags, der… but this is an art!

Instagram explore page

Earn your 15 minutes of fame on the Instagram explore page

Hot tips to feature on Instagram’s explore page 

  1. Use relevant and popular hashtags for your audience
  2. Press play on Insta-Live and Insta-stories
  3. Keep tabs on competitors that are appearing on your explore page
  4. Ask for interactions and comments
  5. Use location tags and hashtags
  6. Post when your followers are the most active…hello Insta-insights

Easy. As. Pie! 

Go out, find your ‘vibe’ and have fun with it. Grow your list full of content-hungry potential customers and you’ll be driving conversion-ready traffic to your website in no time! 

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21 day ecommerce challenge

Read more of our Instagram blogs here.  As always, if you have a question or want to learn more about what we do at MI Academy, shoot us an email at enquiries@milkit.com.au

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