4 Commonly Missed Email Marketing Opportunities

The reason why most marketers use email communication is no secret. On average consumers spend 138% more than consumers who don’t receive email communications.

Something every retailer knows if they want to get some quick sales in the door all you need to do is send an email. However, the biggest challenge for a lot of retailers is better understanding their consumer behavior data for highly segmented and more relevant campaigns.

What are you doing wrong? Top 4 Missed Email Marketing Opportunities

In this blog I’m going to talk about how to tackle these challenges head on with 4 commonly missed email-marketing opportunities. The 4 recommended strategies will result in highly converting email campaigns that make your customers feel rewarded and build massive trust for your brand.

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Make their wishes do come true
Think about when you’re shopping online. Why do you put things in your wish list? Is it because you love the product, but maybe it’s too expensive at the time? Or you’re just not 100% sure you want to purchase the product?

Wish lists aren’t just a nice to have, they are a highly effective tool that can enable you to send emails to a pre-qualified audience.

You may not want to discount the products in the wish list, if they are new items. But if you identify the user has left items in a wish list for a few weeks without any movement, perhaps all they need is a prompt. Go out with free shipping on wish list items or GWP (gift with purchase)

One size doesn’t fit all
Identifying the size of a shopper isn’t hard for retailers. It’s usually in their purchase history. Retailers can seize this opportunity by tailoring an email campaign around size specific promotions. Imagine the relevance and the engagement that you’ll get when you’re speaking their specific language. For example: 12 hour flash sale for your sexy size 12 – 25% off all size 12 items!

You’ll love this if you liked that…
The case study behind recommendation engines is proving to retailers that this is a must do strategy. It’s capable of in increasing conversion consistently by 10-15%. So why not use this pot of gold into your pot of gold channel (email)?

Connect the devices
We’re multi device people. On average 90% of shoppers start shopping on 1 device and finish on another. So why not make this process easy? Allow shoppers to trigger an SMS or an email to themselves so that they can finish shopping later. This will prevent budget wastage by reducing the cost of the shopper entering a whole new buyer cycle. It’ll also keep you top of mind and prevent sales being lost to competitors.

The fact that 81% of Internet shoppers saying their buys are spontaneous is proof that good content marketing works. Even though Internet shoppers may say it’s spontaneous, the brand with the best marketing is going to come out with that sale. It’s strategies just like the ones mentioned in this blog that helps to support the “freedom” of shopping to users whilst holding the power in the hands of the savvy brand.

This post of Alita Harvey-Rodriguez first appeared on Online Retailer.

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