CASE STUDY: Reactivating Dormant Customers


Wake up your sleepers and start converting fast!


The client is an Australian online extreme sports retailer with a loyal customer base and a high-percentage of return customers. They pride themselves in being involved in the sporting community and keeping on the pulse of what customer needs/wants.

Marketing Challenges 

  • Reactivate dormant customers (no purchase in over 9 months)
  • Gather honest and valuable suggestions for improvement from this segment of their audience



The series had a 24% open rate repeat customers who had not made a purchase or opened an email in 9 months and a 15.4% open rate from one-time purchasers who had become dormant. These open rates are great, but the success of the reactivation campaign was really validated by the feedback!

7.5% of subscribers who opened the email replied and were able to provide the retailer with valuable insight into how they could improve and how lifestyle changes affected buying habits.

One of the issues resolved was a misunderstanding with the free shipping threshold. When clarified a dormant customer made a $650 purchase! Customers really are your greatest asset for growing your business and creating a strong feedback loop. If you want to be truly customer-first, you need to be constantly looking for ways to make their experience less-complicated and more-humanised.

“The last best experience a customer has becomes the minimum expectation of the experience they want everywhere” – Bridget Van Kralingen

Have you got some sleeping customers you need to wake up and start converting again? Let us know –, we’ll see what we can do! 

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