3 Ways to Create Facebook Valentines Ads Your Audience will Adore


Valentines Facebook Ads

Love is in the air in the lead up to Valentine’s Day and so is an unmoving aura of panic from retailers trying to quickly reinvent their Facebook marketing strategy to regain exposure. It’s true, Facebook’s latest algorithm update (also affecting Instagram) has left many businesses stumped and unsure of how to get their content back in front of their audience. Well, that’s where I come in! It’s not quite Valentines Day, but I’ve decided to share the love a little earlier.

Today you will learn:

  • 3 Ways to Create Valentines Facebook Ads

#1 Position Your Products as Gifts

This is a simple one, but trust me it works! Some people take great enjoyment in carefully researching and browsing the web for the perfect gift for their partner, others (me included) often leave it to the last minute and it’s quite a stressful process. So if I’m procrastinating on my gift shopping and happen to come across an ad on Facebook promising ‘Perfect Gifts Under $50 for Him’, damn right I’ll click on it!

Create a buying guide for your customers based on gender, price range or even type of personality and include some example products in your ad graphic. You could even bundle together a few products to create a luxury hamper.

Holiday Facebook ads

#2 Join the Holiday Spirit

When it comes to Facebook (and Instagram) ads the image you use is the be-all and end-all! When it comes to Valentine’s Day and basically any other holiday, people love to get in the spirit. Presenting your products in a scenario that has a real holiday-y theme to it the perfect way to grab attention and Valentines Day is probably the easiest holiday to get in the mood for.

Think pink, red, roses or huge bouquets of flowers, loved-up couples, candles, chocolate, presents with pretty pink bows, love hearts and basically anything else related to love. You could create a flat-lay as seen below Pandora’s 2018 campaign. Even just putting something like a single rose or a box a choclates in the frame with your product would work. Have some fun and if it fits with your brand you could even poke fun at the holiday, because let’s be honest there are some of us that are actively trying to avoid everything valentines day!

Holiday Facebook Ads
Pandora 2018 Valentines Campaign

#3 Special Holiday Offers

Any excuse for a sale is a good excuse i’d say! Holidays that have an element of gift giving, valentines, Christmas, birthdays, will cause an uprising in sales for most businesses so why not capitalise on this increased site traffic. It’s not hard to believe that over 40% of people will buy their valentines gift in the final week before the date (eCommerce Worldwide) so if you are reading this with less than a week to go why not quickly whip an ad up today!

You could position your offers as bundles as explained above as the perfect gifts from him/her or you could even go along the lines of ‘Rock being single this Valentines Day, here’s 30% off party dresses’…you get the vibe!

Holiday Facebook Ads

It’s not too late to get on the Valentines day love-train and you don’t need to be in the business of selling flowers or jewellery to capitalise on this holiday, put a fun play on it! I should also mention that each of these ideas will work for pretty much any other holiday of the year so even if you’re reading this after Valentine’s day it’s not too early to start planning for Easter!

Another great idea to gain some exposure in the lead up to a holiday would be to run a Facebook of Instagram promotion. You can read the Australian Guidelines for Retail Promotions here or check out our blog on How to Run a Kick-Ass Instagram Promotion! 

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