3 Things to Add to Your Digital Marketing Mix

Blog Header Banner (9)If your new year resolution was to focus on your digital marketing, well you’ve come to the right place! If you don’t yet have your finger in the digital pie then there’s no day like today to get started.

Today you will learn:

  • The importance of a personalised customer experience
  • What to look for in your analytics
  • The power of influencer marketing

3 Things to Add to Your Digital Marketing Mix

  1. Build Your Marketing Strategy Around Customer Happiness

Seems like a no-brainer right? Well even more so now than ever before it’s vital you put customer satisfaction before all else. When you build your brand around your customer then you automatically engrain your marketing into everyday life. Happiness is contagious! Happy customers will attract more customers to your brand. More customers = more sales. ‘That’s old news I bet you’re thinking! Well, the fact is thanks to the internet customers satisfaction is far more transparent and out in the open.

A solid referral system, whether by word of mouth or online, really defines your brand perception. When we experience a good customer experience then we can show/tell the whole world by posting a swanky Instagram photo, a delighted Facebook post or SnapChatting our new buy to friends. But this works both ways! If we have a bad experience we can just as easily plaster our disappointment all over the web for the world to see.

Word of mouth is never going to die and in digital the reach of word of mouth can go a long way. Personalisation AKA one-to-one marketing engages the customer in their shopping or service experience and keeps them engaged. With every brand competing to optimise their customer experience personalisation is key. Hubspots marketing statistics show that 40% of consumers buy more from brands that personalise their shopper experience across platforms. Never underestimate the power of online referrals!!

  1. Learn the difference between Vanity Metrics and Sales KPI’s

Views and impressions are great but if they aren’t converting to sales then it’s time to start asking questions! One of the biggest issues in digital marketing is analysing metrics and using this information to optimise your content strategy. Metrics such as views and impressions are good, but it’s important to look further into your analytics and not be deceived by simple metrics. Vanity metrics are like those products you buy off infomercials – looks great at face value but give it some time and you will realise they are actually pretty useless.

The digital world is a busy one so to truly keep track of how effective your marketing strategy is it’s important to utilise KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). KPI’s are measurable values that track the effectiveness of your campaigns across all channels. They can help you analyse SEO performance, social media growth and customer sales and are a vital part of developing a strong content strategy to optimise your customer experience and sales. Whether you are looking to track digital marketing performance, SEO progress, or your social media growth, having measurable marketing metrics and KPIs set up can help your business reach targets month-over-month.

3. Stop Marketing Start Influencing

Once again the digital world is a very busy one! Content production is in overdrive and it’s getting harder and harder for brands to cut through the noise and be heard. When we are online we don’t want to see non-stop advertising we want to see our friends content and interactions. To avoid getting phased out it’s time to stop marketing and start influencing! The late Steve Jobs caught on to this trend early – refusing marketing and branding his products altogether. You are probably sick of me saying it but Influencer Marketing is on the rise and it has cemented its place in digital marketing.

More so now than ever we crave human content, we don’t want to be persuaded, we want to be influenced. Influencer campaigns like KANYE WEST X ADIDAS actively engage an audience. And not only do they engage the audience the earn the audience’s trust, especially Millennials! Jules Lund has tapped into this trend founding Tribe designed to help brand find their influencer.

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