MI Academy’s 101 Blog Ideas Like No Other

Looking for blog ideas? It’s a usual happening, but a challenging time for writers – having a writer’s block. Sometimes it happens the whole day, for others, even longer. It’s hard especially for bloggers who write for a living, those who write every single day. Imagine writing not one but two (or even more) articles per day for 365 days, one can’t help but ask how in the world did they not ran out of ideas to write, right?

Not a day goes by where we don’t talk about the importance of a blog for your business. So, because we know you’re working hard on a million things and coming up with great topics is hard; we have prepared a little gift for everyone – a very long and comprehensive list composed of fresh, fun, and awesome blog ideas that will drive traffic and help you sell your products or services.

Whether your goal is to educate, to inform, to entertain, to give your opinion, or to be extra generous, we got you covered! We present to you Milk it’s 101 Fresh Blog Ideas that are like no other!


To Educate

1. How-To Post. Create a Step-by-step post on how to create or complete something.
2. Top List Post. Save your readers the time in choosing, give them your top picks.
3. Best of Bests Post. Gather your favorite posts and choose which of them is the best!
4. Problem/Solution Post. Create a post about the usual problems people encounter in your field, and teach them how to overcome it.
5. Tips Post. Give your honest tips on something you’ve already accomplished.
6. Checklist Post. Make sure you advise your readers on things they shouldn’t forget. A checklist is a must!
7. Guide Post. Share your experiences and guide your readers, so they don’t make the same mistakes.
8. Savings Post. Teach your readers how they could save through your products!
9. Definition Post. Have you been using a jargon? Define those, so your readers don’t get confused.
10. Word of the day Post. Teach your readers a new word every day!
11. Recipe Post. Love cooking? Share some of your favorite recipes to your fans!
12. Debate Post. Do you feel strong about a certain topic? Write a blog about your cause and challenge others for a debate.
13. People to follow Post. Help your readers kick-start their program by providing them a list of influential people to look up to.
14. Pick of the web post. Learned something new on the web that you think is new and interesting? Share it to your friends.
15. Myth Buster Post. Know a myth that you have proven untrue? Share the news!
16. Fact Post. Share a fact you’ve known for a long time but isn’t very common.
17. Historic Post. Do your customers know the history of your product/company? Write a post about it.
18. Plug-Ins Post. Do you know of any reliable and must-have plug-ins? All blogs need them, so they’re a great topic to write about.
19. Security Post. How do you protect your blogs from hackers? Give your readers, especially the new bloggers some of your pro tips.
20. Webinar Post. Do you have a lot of things to tackle? Do a webinar and host it on your blog!
21. Infographic Post. Want to let your users understand a process, but words are not working? How about turning it into an infographic?
22. Tutorials post. This is the similar to how-tos, only more intensive.

To Inform

23. Research Post. What research have you been following lately? Blog about it and see if someone is just as updated as you are.
24. FAQs Post. Are there a lot of frequently asked questions about your product? Answer them all at once but having a FAQs post.
25. Case Study Post. Are you doing a case study? Someone in your audience might be able to help you!
26. Legal Matters post. Are some laws hindering you from providing a service? Let your followers know by doing a legal matters post!
27. Survey. Want to know which of your products your customers love best? How about having a survey?
28. News. Are there news that affected your company in a good/bad way? Keep your loyal customers updated.
29. Product Update Post. Did you do an upgrade? Or are there services you will no longer sell? It’s better to inform your customers ahead.
30. Income Report Post. This may not be for everyone, but I’m sure your customers want to know if you’re doing well financially, especially if your products involve long term commitments like insurance, etc.
31. Product Manual Post. We all know most of our customers lose their manuals, right? I’m sure you know they’d be heading to your site to get a new copy!
32. Announcement Post. Will you be out of the country or on a holiday? Tell your customers ahead so they don’t wonder why they’re not getting a response from you.
33. About Me/My Company Post. Is your business new in the industry? Give your prospect clients a quick background to keep them interested.
34. Contact Information Post. Aside from keeping it big on your website, you must also have a page just dedicated for contact information.
35. Features Post. Have you been featured in a magazine lately? Share your success!
36. Stats Post. How many visitors have you received in the last month and year? What is your current PR and Alexa? Be proud and lay it all in a blog post!
37. Software Update Post. Does your product need a software update? Your users will probably get a prompt to do so, but it’s also best to explain in a post why they must update.
38. What to expect Post. Do you have an upcoming product? Give bits and pieces of the news and let your customers know what to look forward.
39. Presentation Post. Did you do a very compelling presentation to your prospect clients? Show them to your fans as well… who knows, you might get a new lead.
40. New Terms and Agreement. If your lawyers found the old terms non-applicable to the current customer groups and changed them, it is a must for you to discuss in a blog what has changed and what stayed the same.

To Entertain

41. Meme Post. Have you ever heard of a Meme? A meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users. You can join the fun by creating your own!
42. Funny Story Post. Did you have a funny interaction with a customer? How about sharing them to others?
43. Satire Post. Answer those bashers while keeping your cool, do a satire article!
44. Cartoon Post. Do you have cartoons for your business? Share them to your readers for a good laugh!
45. Parody Post. Did your post get a lot of traction from competitors? Keep it light by doing a parody post.
46. Comics Post. Have your designer draw a comic strip for your everyday routine. I’m sure he can think of something funny.
47. Trailers Post. Is your most-awaited movie nearing? How about inviting your friends to watch with you by sharing the trailer?
48. Song Lyric Post. Are you having a last song syndrome? Share the fancy lyrics that made you sing it over and over.
49. Poem Interpretation Post. Did a poem touch the deepest parts of your heart? How about giving us your interpretation?
50. Interview Post. Create a post about your recent interview or with an authority you got to talk with lately. I’m sure your viewers will be intrigued!
51. GIF Post. Share those stitched photos and convince your readers why they’re super amusing!
52. Jokes Post. Know a great knock-knock joke? Try your readers!
53. Poll post. Know the choice of your viewers on any topic. How? Do it through a poll!
54. VLOG Post. Want to say loads of stuff on one post, talk it through a vlog post!
55. Show-Your-Room Post. Whether it’s your personal room of your office, your viewers would surely love to see where you create them genius stuff!
56. Tests post. Do a quick game or a test post which your audience will love. Example: What these trees tell about your personality.
57. Social Media Fails Post. Have you ever posted something bad that it became ridiculously funny, how about doing a fail post?
58. Spoof Video Post. Try to be your funniest when doing a spoof video post! Impersonating famous celebrities would surely keep your readers interested.
59. False Post. Create a post that is the opposite of all that you have been teaching to gauge who follows what you say.
60. Birthday Post. Is one of your hardworking employees having a birthday today? It’s sweet to do a post about them on their special day!

To Give Opinion

61. Haul Review Post. Did you receive a haul from one of your sponsors? Show your gratitude by doing an honest haul review.
62. Gadget Review. Did a company contact you for a gadget review? Be keen on the specs and find out if it’s worth the buck.
63. Food Review. A new dish in your favorite restaurant deserves your attention! See if it’s perfect for a date night with your partner or the fam bam.
64. Store Review. Have you received your purchase from that online store you contacted last week? How was the experience?
65. Hotel Review. Have you traveled out of town lately? Share where you stayed at and how relaxing your getaway was!
66. Restaurant Review. The new restaurant in town is getting a lot of good PR! See what they’ve got to offer yourself and blog if it’s as good as they say.
67. Product Review. Did you purchase the wrong concealer at the drugstore last month? Did you like it though? Post your thoughts and tell us if it was a great discovery!
68. Movie Reviews Post. How was the Godzilla movie? Was it as good as the old
69. Website Review Post. Why is that one particular website your favorite? Do a website review and at the same time give some tips on how new bloggers can get loyal readers like you.
70. Favorites. What products are your favorite for the Month of May and why? Round them all up and do post featuring all of them!
71. Popular Posts Post. Did you get a lot of traffic on several posts lately? Create a popular posts post so you can remind your readers to check them all out if they still haven’t
72. Rant Post. Are you angry about something? Free yourself from frustrations by letting it all out on a blog.
73. Explanation Post. After everything, it’s better to have a follow-up on that rant post and feel exactly why you felt that way.
74. Erratum Post. All bloggers should avoid giving misinformation, but if this happens, an erratum post must be done as soon as possible.

To Empower

75. Quotes Post. Quotes post are the best way to inspire your readers. Who knows, someone might just need a dose of optimism.
76. Personal Experience Post. Did you meet a guy at the street who taught you something valuable today? Share your learnings!
77. Success Stories Post. Have you failed at something but stood up again and succeed? Inspire others by telling them how you did it!
78. Photo Post. A photo is indeed a wonderful memory that can never be changed. Immortalise that moment through a blogpost!
79. Collage. And if one photo isn’t enough, a collage should work best for you!
80. Travel Experience Post. How did your travel experience change you? What culture from others do you admire the most?
81. Portfolio Post. Show them your best work by creating a portfolio post! It works best if you are looking for a job or trying to please a client.
82. Native Language Post. Have you ever tried writing on your native tongue? Give it a try and see who understood what you said.
83. Thank You Post. A simple post to thank all those who have supported you throughout the years.
84. Series Post. Keep things interesting by doing a series post. It’s intriguing to keep your readers over the edge for the next chapter!
85. Handwritten Post. Have you tried writing your post on a piece of paper and taking a photo of it? For sure, only some have done it! Try it.
86. Art Post. Your work, whether a simple drawing, a painting, or an illustration deserves some screen time on your blog! Include it on a post.
87. Poem Post. Show them that poetry is not dead by sharing a personally authored poem.

To Be Generous

88. Giveaway Post. If you have more than what you need, a giveaway will be the perfect way to make use of it.
89. Resource Post. Do you create banners, templates, icons, among others for free? Create a post about everything that you are giving away to serve as the ultimate resource post.
90. Link Roundup Post. Get those friends of yours ready with your link because you will be giving them a free space on a link roundup! What a wonderful way to make friends happy.
91. Crowdsourced Post. Let your readers know who your trusted partners are by creating crowdsourced posts.
92. Free Ebook Post. Did you do an extensive study about something and turned your findings into an ebook? Give it away for free through a post!
93. Charity Post. Inform the Charities you support and believe in. Who knows, you might bridge a new supporter.
94. Post For A Cause Post. Is your friend/charity group having a hard time? Give them a voice on your blog by doing a post for a cause.
95. Expert’s advice Post. Do you specialise on a certain field? Give some advice without asking a fee.
96. Secret Recipe Post. Is your family proud of recipe that others are dying to have? Share it on a special occasion on your blog for a limited time.
97. Boutique Feature Post. Do you believe that your boutique holds true to their promise of making you look better, do a feature on them and not ask a fee!
98. Restaurant Feature. Did the waiter of a restaurant go the extra mile to give you the meal of your choice? He and the restaurant should get a free recognition!
99. Hotel Feature Post. Is it the best hotel you’ve ever checked into yet? Especially if it’s new and still unknown, help it by creating a feature.
100. Blogger Feature Post. If you know a blogger who does amazing stuff, but is not receiving credit for her work, let her know that there are people who believe in her through a blogger feature!
101. 101 Blog Ideas Post. Do you never run out of ideas to write? How about writing a 101 Blog ideas for your niche alone? It would surely keep other bloggers going!

Remember your blog is an important part of your sales process, when done consciously it will help you to drive database signups, increase sales (seed your product strategically throughout your blogs), boost personal and brand credibility and position you or your business as thought leaders in your industry.

Did you find this article helpful? Is there anything we missed? Share your comments below, let’s see if we can get this list up to 1001 fresh blog ideas!

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